Fox News Staffer Passes Away; Eric Trump Releases Statement Calling Him ‘Special To Our Family’

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Eric Spinato, one of the longest-serving members of the Fox News Network, has passed away.

Spinato joined Fox News way back in the mid-1990s when the network was just starting to gain traction.

Eric was no stranger to the White House, he reportedly helped orchestrate several of Donald Trump’s Fox News interviews himself and even helped promote Trump early on.

Below are a few pictures of Spinato:

He has been close with the Trump family for many years.

He became a friend to Eric Trump, who said was “the most gracious guy” way before politics came into play.

“He is a person who is incredibly special to our family, he was beyond another employee at Fox and truly became a friend to me personally,” said Trump.

Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman Communications, the world’s largest public relations firm, knew when he met Eric, not only did he meet a kindred spirit, but one who had “street smarts” and who could “hustle.”

Edelman recalled finishing a FOX Business Network segment with Maria Bartiromo.

“I went on air and came out to wash off the powder on my face. Eric met me by the sink. ‘Your opening was good. You had energy and facts. You could have done better towards the end. You need a snappy close.’ And then he disappeared back to the control room,” Edelman wrote.

“That was the beginning of our friendship. Eric would call me about an Edelman client such as the president of KFC who had just been on the air. ‘I found the most awesome visuals of the new chicken wings. You PR guys should be providing that,'” Edelman recalled.

FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto, with whom Eric worked with early at Fox, was wowed by his “tenacity.”

“To say Eric was a force of nature was an understatement. Everyone knows he was tenacious in pursuing guests. What they might not know is he wouldn’t let anything get in the way of making sure they talked to Fox first. Even if they were in prison!” Cavuto said.

Cavuto recalled the time “Eric managed to land former Tyco boss Dennis Kozlowski, not after he got out of jail, but while he was still doing time in jail. Yet there we were in an upstate New York penitentiary talking to the man whose lavish spending had made him the face of executive excess, but at that moment, just another white-collar criminal serving time.”

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