‘Lost The Confidence Of The People’: Dana Perino Blisters Biden For ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Claims


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Fox News anchor Dana Perino ripped President Joe Biden to pieces this week after he smeared the Republican Party by calling their agenda “Ultra-MAGA.”

During a segment on “The Five,” Perino and the other co-hosts discussed Biden’s comments on Tuesday, where he claimed a majority of Republicans had signed on to Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott’s plan, which Biden labeled the “Ultra-MAGA Agenda” a few days earlier.

“I want to listen to what Dana has to say about ‘Ultra MAGA,’” co-host Jesse Watters said while playing a clip of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussing the phrase and what Biden meant by it.

“It’s the president’s phrase and the president made those comments himself just last week as you know. I think what has struck him is how extreme some of the policies and proposals are that a certain wing of the Republican Party — that is taking up too much of the Republican Party — are for. So to him, adding a little ‘Ultra’ to it gave it a little extra pop,” Psaki said on Tuesday.


After airing a clip of Psaki’s comments, Watters turned to Perino and asked: “Is he giving it a little extra pop?”

“I can’t stand it because I feel like you’re walking down this aisle at the convenience store or CVS and looking for something that would say ‘Ultra MAGA’ and it’s gross to me. I can’t stand it, and can’t get it out of my head and I want them to stop,” Perino said.

“Just because he comes out and says ‘Ultra MAGA’ 20 times it’s not going to make inflation go away,” Perino continued. “They can say Rick Scott 100,000 times. That guy is eating alone at the lunch table. Basically, there’s nobody in the Republican Party that signed on to his plan. He can have his plan and he has every right to try to push it, but by no means does an ‘Ultra MAGA’ group support it, that’s absurd.”

Perino noted that one of the main issues with Scott’s plan was that it increased some taxes, which she said was “comical” because all Democrats talk about is raising taxes.


“Choice versus a referendum,” Perino added.

“That’s exactly what you’re going to hear me say a hundred times, as many times as they say ‘Ultra MAGA,’ I’ll say that. Because they know this from the Obama Biden years of 2010 and 2014 when they lost seats. If it’s a choice between Biden or Trump, that’s what the team wants — that’s what the Biden team wants. But everybody is dealing with inflation every day. It’s a referendum on the president. That’s what the mid-terms are about. They can try to make it a choice, it’s going to be very difficult,” Perino said.

Perino rounded out her remarks by criticizing Biden’s comments on inflation, saying that the president had walked out in front of the American people and didn’t do a good job of offering a plan to combat record inflation and soaring gas prices.

“You have lost the confidence of the people that are turning to you hoping that you provide them some relief. They know it’s not coming,” she concluded.

Watch below (Perino’s comments come toward the end of the clip):

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