Twitter User Spots ‘Lump’ On Joe Biden’s Head


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Joe Biden has given one gaffe filled speech after another and it has gotten so bad that some people are wondering what is wrong with his head, literally.

On Wednesday Biden gave another speech full of gaffes, but something caught the attention of one prominent Twitter user and now it has people talking.

“Hi, @PressSec— Can you please share any insights into what’s happened with President Biden’s head?” Tom Elliott, the founder of Grabien, said on Twitter addressing White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

Elliot also pointed to two videos from the event where Biden appears to be struggling for his words.

“If you watch the vids up close you can see the bruise tint ( yellow and green tint ) covered up by make up . Someone had a fall , probably . It happens often at his age” one Twitter user suggested.


“Hematoma covered by a million dollar makeup job perhaps. if so probably from a fall,” another said.

“It’s obvious he fell it’s part of dementia my mom had it and she fell this is abuse he is being tormented by his handlers,” another user said.

“Too much plastic surgery and hair pluggery,” another said.

But one user, actor Ryan Kibby, was incensed with Elliot’s question.

“Biden had to undergo life threatening brain surgery because he had an aneurysm under his brain. Not sure if these are scars from that or not but pointing out physical flaws like this is pretty low tier in my opinion even if the guy is a criminal,” he said.


The New York Times reported on Biden’s second surgery for an aneurysm in 1988.

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. underwent surgery today to correct an aneurysm in an artery that supplies blood to the right side of the brain, a spokesman for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center said.

The spokesman, Peter Esker, said Senator Biden was awake, resting comfortably and talking with his family after the operation, his second this year to correct an aneurysm. An aneurysm is a ballooning of an artery.

The 4 1/2-hour procedure was similar to that performed Feb. 12 on the left side of Mr. Biden’s brain. Under the procedure, a surgeon using a microscope pinches the aneurysm with a clip, bringing the walls of the artery together. The clip remains in the patient.


Mr. Esker said there are no signs of any other aneurysms, adding that the second was much smaller than the first.

In his 2007 book “Promises to Keep,” he talked about being in a hotel room in Rochester in February 1988, after he had delivered a speech at the University of Rochester. He said he felt a “lightning flashing inside my head, a powerful electrical surge — and then a rip of pain like I’d never felt before.”

“Maybe I should have been frightened at this point, but I felt calm,” he said in the book. “In fact, I felt becalmed, like I was floating gently in the wide-open sea. It surprised me, but I had no real fear of dying. I’d long since accepted the fact that life’s guarantees don’t include a fair shake.”

He stayed isolated from work as he recovered. His wife Jill Biden would not even allow him to take a call from President Ronald Reagan who had called to check on him.

“That last year had taught me one big lesson: The only things that are truly urgent are matters of life and death,” he said in the book. “I was no less committed or passionate, but I no longer felt I had to win every moment to succeed.”

“More important I understood that a single moment of failure — even one so public and wounding as the end of my presidential campaign — could not determine my epitaph.”

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