MAGA Revolution Rebrands Itself As Conservative Brief

Written by Carmine Sabia

Apse Media LLC will be changing the name of its Facebook Page “MAGA Revolution” to “Conservative Brief” to fall in line with its corporate identity.

The Conservative Brief website was one of the fastest-growing websites in the right-leaning news and opinion space in 2020 and it is on pace to grow exponentially in the coming years.

“There was a MAGA revolution in the Republican Party,” CEO Eugene Garan said. “Now, our party is facing more challenges and the conservative brand needs to grow in order to meet them. Even though we lean on the right side, we will always tell the truth no matter which side it comes from. There is no choosing one side when your goal is to always tell the truth and present the facts.”

“To that end, our name change signifies that our mission is more than just one man, but is about fundamentally restoring our nation to the values and principles it was founded on. In the coming months and years, conservatism has to sell itself as the alternative to a government-run, socialist nanny state — and Conservative Brief will remain at the forefront of that mission,” he said.

Conservative Brief is a conservative website featuring breaking news updates, latest news headlines, and opinions on the most important life, political, and social subjects.

“While we lean to the right politically, our first priority is to always tell the truth no matter which side it comes from,” Garan said.

There is a great fear rising among conservatives that the movement is on its way out, and will be completely lost in the coming years.

At this time, as the Republican Party enters into a critical period of self-evaluation and rebuilding, Conservative Brief will be at the forefront of providing a brand that can be trusted by loyal readers and those who join our movement going into the future.

Presidents will continue to come and go. Political parties will change their positions and what they stand for.

Not Conservative Brief.

Our mission is to ensure that no matter which party controls the White House or what policies are popular at the time, our readers can trust that we will always provide accurate and trustworthy news that they can trust and share.