Main reasons why you are not rich

I have not failed to earn money. I’ve just found a million ways that won’t work.


Almost every one of us wants to be rich. However, not everyone can get rich, despite the efforts that a person makes to achieve his or her goal.

Why is this? Find out below about why you are still not rich.

You have convinced yourself that money is not important.

Unfortunately, people are persuaded with a lie, that money is not an important part of life. This is an excuse for their lack of financial resources. If you think that you do not need a lot of money, then you will not ever have a lot money.

You discover things in your life that are at the top of your priority list. If a goal is “have a house or apartment” is at the top of your priority list, then you are LIKELY to live in a house or apartment. We all have order and success around things in our lives that are most important to us. If something is missing in your life, it is because you have not yet given it much importance.

We are no longer hunters and gatherers. Therefore, we have to make money as one of the top-priority items in our life, because money determines the food you eat; clothes that you wear; car on which you drive; house in which you live; education you have; medical care that your family receives. Money is a resource that allows you to do, be and have everything you really want in life.

You do not believe that you are worthy of being rich.

Millions of people struggle for financial survival on a daily basis, because they do not believe that they are worthy to be rich. They bought into the ideal that wealth is for “other” people. These ideals come from well-intentioned parents, good religions, and ‘of course’ the media.

However, we are all equally important; we all deserve to have all the things that we really want in our life. If not you, then who? Why would other people be better than you?

You do not know what you want.

It is extremely difficult to get something when you do not know what you want to get! You must decide what you need in your ideal way of life. Maybe its work at home, or vacation 6 times a year, but you have to clearly imagine what you want!

You have no plans to create, manage, and hold wealth.

Once you know the financial goal that you want to achieve, you must find a way to accomplish your goal. You have to follow the budget. You should also find a plan for creating additional income based on the abilities that you possess.

You do not know what to do.

Do business in which you are really interested and what you are really passionate about. Why? Because when you love something, you can do it all-day-everyday, not paying attention to time, and will soon be the best at it. When you do what you really love to do, and doing everything possible to succeed, you will have little to none competition.

You do not think like a rich person.

Like everything in life, success is mental, you need to have a certain mindset to achieve success. There is a certain type of thinking that rich people do, and if you think in such way, then there will not be outstanding obstacles from you becoming rich! If you change your mindset, you change yourself; changing what you think; and you will change what you think about, changing what you consciously draw your attention to. You are the creator, think like the creator, and create great and positive things in your life, focusing on the things you want, and not on things that you do not want.

You do not act like a rich person.

Change the way you act! The rich are acting now, because tomorrow never comes! When you get there, what you call your future, you will rename it to the present. Write down the steps that will bring you closer to your goal. Then proceed to action immediately and daily. If you do this with passion and faith, you will soon begin to realize the success that you deserve. It will take a lot of work, contrary to what some think. Yes, it turns out, the rich are seriously working. Maybe forever, but at the beginning of their careers they made incredible efforts (which is why most people are not rich).

Your time to act now. Go get your money!

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