‘This Is Bullsh*t. You’re Bullsh*t!’: Manchin Goes Off On Liberal Reporter


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West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin went off on a reporter from the liberal outlet HuffPost over his support for several key legislative items.

While speaking with the press, Manchin venter his frustration with the media in the wake of a report that he wants to drop the child tax credit from Biden’s climate and social spending package.

“This is bullshit. You’re bullshit,” Manchin yelled at HuffPost reporter Arthur Delaney.

Delaney had asked Manchin about the reports that the child tax credit has become a major sticking point in talks with the White House.

“I’m done, I’m done,” Manchin fumed.


Manchin denied the reports several times on Wednesday, saying the media had heard “bad rumors” and that he does support the child tax credit.

“I’m not opposed to child tax credit, I’ve never been opposed to child tax credit,” he insisted.

“Guys, I’m not negotiating with any of you all. You can ask all the questions you want. Guys, let me go. This is bullshit. You’re bullshit,” he told Delaney in the Capitol subway, grumbling “God almighty” as he walked away.


Biden and Democrats were hit with some bad news this week about their socialist agenda.

“First, there was the news of the likely death of the Build Back Better (BBB) bill, after it became clear that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) still wasn’t on board in the wake of the very concerning CBO numbers. Reports were that the bill was being put off until possibly March because they don’t have the votes now, despite the Democrats’ claim that they wanted it passed this year,” RedState reported.

“So Democrats would need 60 votes which they would not have. On top of all that, the media may just have pushed Manchin too far yesterday. Manchin has a long fuse and usually has a very genteel response to things, but he’s been stalked and hounded by activists and reporters everywhere,” the outlet added.

The sticking point is that Manchin told the White House that he has serious concerns with parts of Biden’s Build Back Better program.


The media then began “reporting” that Manchin was against the child tax credit and wanted it out of the BBB bill.

Manchin made it more than clear that he was never against the child tax credit.

What he is opposed to is the huge cost of the bill, especially with the massive inflation that we are currently facing.

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