Arizona Senator Mark Kelly Does Not Say He Wants Biden To Campaign For Him


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Poll numbers show that President Joe Biden is one of the most unpopular presidents in modern times and it appears that some members of his own party do not want him around them.

Arizona Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly spoke to CNN host Jake Tapper on Sunday on his “State of the Union” show and he did not sound like someone who wants the president campaigning for him.

“Would you want President Biden to come to Arizona and campaign with you?” the host said.
“Hey, I’ll welcome anybody to come to Arizona, travel around the state at any time, as long as I’m here. If I’m not up in Washington in session. And talk about what Arizona needs. This water situation is significant. And right now we have some of the tools necessary to deal with it. I’m trying to get some answers from the department of interior on more – like what authority do they have to make some decisions themselves on this because, as I said earlier, the other states are not stepping up to help Arizona deal with this. But if anybody wants to come to Arizona and talk about Arizona issues or issues that affect the country, I’ll be here,” the senator said.

“That’s not exactly an open invitation to President Biden to come and campaign with you, even though he won the state of Arizona in 2020, saying you’d welcome anybody. Do you have concerns about whether President Biden is the best candidate to keep Arizona blue in 2024?” the host said.

“Not at all, jake,” the senator said.


Politics has been a top news story in Arizona in recent weeks.

After a delay in getting all votes counted from Maricopa County, former local newscaster Kari Lake was declared the winner of the Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary weeks ago.

Lake’s campaign website noted that she has been endorsed by a slew of top Republicans, including former President Donald Trump.


“Her opponents won’t even show up to debate her and she is the Trump MAGA candidate in Arizona.” — PETER NAVARRO

“Kari Lake is a STRONG WOMAN and will truly be a GOVERNOR for the PEOPLE of ARIZONA. She Doesn’t owe any favors to the political class or any special interests.” — GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN

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“She is a CONSERVATIVE, freedom fighter, wants to make sure we SECURE the southern border, and to carryout President Trump’s America First Agenda…” — SENATOR MARSHA BLACKBURN


“After thoroughly reviewing Kari Lake’s newly released strategy, I fully endorse her BOLD plan to finish President Trump’s wall and SECURE Arizona’s border…” — BRANDON JUDD

“I am proud to endorse Kari Lake to be our next Governor. Arizona is at a crossroads and the state needs a governor who will work with the people, and for the people, and not just special interests.” — U.S. CONGRESSMAN PAUL GOSAR

“Kari is a FEARLESS leader who will never cave to appease the Fake News media, she will fight for election integrity, and she will help secure the southern border!” — KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE

“I have spent my career fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms of the families in our state. When I talk to Kari Lake, I see the same passion in her.” — SENATOR NANCY BARTO

“She is the CONSERVATIVE in this race and Kari is tough as nails! She will make an exceptional Governor. We need her on the 9th floor!” — WARREN PETERSEN

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“Kari Lake is the ONLY Candidate for Governor that believes in Election Integrity… it is critically important that all Arizonans get out and cast your vote as soon as you can for Kari Lake” — GREGG PHILLIPS

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“It’s time for the people to be represented by the people. No more fake feckless politicians. We need a fighter and Kari is ready to fight for Arizona” — BRANDON TATUM