Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Miami International Airport

Written by Martin Walsh

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A massive fight broke out at Miami International Airport in Florida, leading to one arrest, authorities said.

Video of the incident, shared on Twitter by documentary film director Billy Corben, shows two small fights in a waiting area.

Witnesses can be heard telling the individuals to stop fighting and airport employees can be heard calling for security.

A bystander can be seen ushering a group of individuals attacking one victim away, while the other altercation is broken up by a security officer, who repeatedly tells one of the individuals beating up the other victim to calm down.

A Miami Dade Police Department spokesperson confirmed that officers responded to reports of a fight at the gate, adding that one person has been arrested for disorderly conduct.

Authorities noted that the victim attacked by the one individual arrested did not want to press any charges.

The victim was treated by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue for minor injuries and was released on the scene.


This is the second massive brawl to go viral in a week.

Officials at a Jackson restaurant are working to identify the people who fought in their dining area this weekend. The incident at the Juicy Seafood restaurant, formerly known as the Kickin’ Crab, was caught on camera.

On Saturday, the two groups involved in the fight had just sat down in the main dining area. They were eating when harsh insults began going back and forth from each table.

“I was really concerned for the children. It was two separate families that were arguing amongst each other, and the little children nearby could have easily been hurt,” said Stella Jones, the assistant manager of the restaurant.

The argument escalated quickly. The families began throwing glasses, napkin holders, and chairs at each other.

“This is our first experience of something like this, so we’re going to have to put something in place and definitely need to call the police sooner because they did not get here in time,” stated Jones.

Councilman Ashby Foote oversees Ward 1, which is where the restaurant is located. He said something different about the police response.

“JPD got here in a timely manner, but once they heard police were on the way, they left. The police got here in five minutes,” he said.

“That’s not true,” said Jones. “I called the police, and several people inside the place called the police. They showed up after the people left.”

No other customers or employees were injured during the incident. The restaurant offered discounts to those who witnessed the fight.

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As the families involved in the fight left the restaurant, employees took pictures of their license plates and turned the videos over to Jackson police.