Waters: Police Reform ‘Not Enough,’ Calls For Removal Of ‘Racist, Ignorant, & Stupid Cops’

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has never been shy about making outrageous comments about President Donald Trump, but what she said recently might be her most egregious comments yet.

The California Democrat took to Twitter and declared that “police reform” is not enough, saying that we must get rid of “serial, racist, ignorant, & stupid cops.”

“Watch the video of the killing of #RayshardBrooks. A senseless & needless killing by a murderous cop! Police reform is NOT ENOUGH. Getting rid of serial, racist, ignorant, & stupid cops must be a top priority. Let’s call them out! Police protective unions, you’ve got to go too!” Waters tweeted.

Waters has been going after the president a lot lately.

During an interview on Cheddar Live, the California Democrat claimed Trump is “destroying America.”

While speaking about the national riots and violence taking place in America following the tragic death of George Floyd, Waters claimed that Trump is advocating for the killing of white children.

A transcript is as follows:

BRAD SMITH: You’ve expressed being unsure that Biden can win the presidency over Trump. Do you expect the escalation of national issues and the responses of both candidates to voters one way or the other?

REP. MAXINE WATERS: I do, I do. I know there have been some concerns about Biden, but I see a growing understanding that he must be elected. He must be elected because this president is destroying America. And not only is he goading confrontation, this business of calling out the military, now he’s not only talking about killing black people, he’s talking about killing young white children.

And guess what? Guess what? I do not believe that whether you’re a Republican or you are an independent that you’re going to stand for your white daughter, your white son to be killed by the military because this president is using it as a campaign tool in order to have his people that already support him believe that he’s saving them from these bad people, these outrageous people.


A week before that, Waters appeared on MSNBC and gave a lengthy defense of the criminals destroying American cities and actually said it’s wrong to even refer to them as “looters.”

“Young people, they have a whole new definition for ‘looting,’” the 81-year-old congresswoman said said. “They say ‘looting’ is predatory lending in, you know, minority neighborhoods, where they’re paying 300 and 400 percent on loans by these payday lenders. … You know, on and on and on. They have a different definition for it.”

So, according to Waters, the people who are destroying small businesses and assaulting innocent Americans aren’t evidence of “looting.”

It’s almost impossible to understand the logic of a liberal.