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Maxine Waters: ‘Someone Said Trump Needs To Shut His Mouth’ Over Coronavirus Response

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters has been vocally anti-Trump since the very beginning.

While she has been trying to impeach President Donald Trump for over two years, she’s still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome on an extreme level.

While speaking to CNN’s Manu Raju on Wednesday from Capitol Hill, Waters angrily declared that Trump is a “liar” who should “shut his mouth” on the coronavirus outbreak.

Waters said, “It’s been said over and over again that you cannot trust this president. Not only is he a liar, he does not believe in anything scientific.”

She added, “So the President of the United States cannot be relied upon. Someone said he needs to be quiet. He needs to shut his mouth. And he should do that and allow CDC and NIH and others to deal with this issue and to help us through it.”


Waters has been making outrageous comments about Trump for quite some time.

A few weeks ago, Waters went nuts on live television and bizarrely accused the president of having “no respect for people of color.”

“This president defined himself a long time ago. I am not surprised at anything that he would do. He has no respect for his colleagues, no respect for the Constitution, no respect for people of color, and so the firing is typical of what this president is all about,” Waters shouted.

Last month, the California Democrat went on a tirade against Attorney General William Barr and all of “Trump’s criminal friends.”

Waters tweeted that she doesn’t just want the attorney general to resign, she wants him disbarred, humiliated and incarcerated because “They ALL belong in jail!

She added in another tweet:

“Trump using AG Barr to get his criminal friends out of jail is the tip of the iceberg. I’ll say it again: Trump will pardon Flynn, Manafort, & Stone b/c the GOP cowards in the Sen bowed to his feet. Repubs now stand for crime, corruption, autocracy, & Russia! They are PATHETIC!”

When she’s not calling the president and his allies “criminals” who should be jailed, Waters was the leader of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories.

Just two months ago, Waters vowed on MSNBC that she will continue going after Trump since she feels he “colluded with the Russian government.”

Even when she knows there’s no evidence of collusion or obstruction, Waters is still trying to push her impeachment pipe dream.

She has been lying and spreading false information to her supporters for years, and it will likely come back to backfire on her and Democrats in the 2020 election.