Kayleigh McEnany Shares Three Phone Calls That ‘Forever’ Changed Her Life


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Fox News host and author Kayleigh McEnany has shared details of what she says are three phone calls she has received that “forever” changed her life.

One of them was receiving a call from then-President Donald Trump, who offered her the position of White House press secretary. Another was the call she got informing her about a genetic mutation that created a much greater chance she could develop breast cancer.

And the third one, which stands above the rest, was when faith gave her the opportunity to rise above the fray and shelter her from the pitfalls of life.

McEnany discussed the phone calls in her new book, “Serenity in the Storm: Living Through Chaos by Leaning on Christ,” an excerpt of which was published over the weekend by Fox News.

“It occurred to me a few months ago that I have had a few life-defining calls. I wrote about two of them in my last book,” she wrote, adding that she had moved to New York City to work as a production assistant for the Fox News show “Huckabee,” starring former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose daughter — and former Trump White House press secretary — Sarah Huckabee Sanders was recently elected to the position.


“I lived alone in an apartment in Manhattan, and I discovered a city that was much different than my home state of Florida. I attended The Journey church in New York one Sunday, and I remember the pastor saying that even though New York City is full of millions of people, it can feel like one of the loneliest places. He was right,” she wrote.

She went on to note that being alone in a city with a big population is worse than being all alone. She also said that one evening, she wanted to speak to her mother but could not

“I laid in my bed and prayed to God: ‘If you’re out there, I need to hear from you right now.’ I kid you not. In that very moment, my phone lit up. It was a number I didn’t recognize with a New York area code,” she wrote.

“And while I typically don’t pick up numbers I don’t know, in that moment, I was happy to talk to anyone — even a telemarketer!  I answered the phone, ‘Hello,’” McEnany wrote.

“I will never forget the first words that I heard in reply: ‘Hi Kayleigh. This is The Journey church. How can we pray for you today?’”

“Completely stunned, I sat in silence for a moment before replying to The Journey churchgoer who had decided to call me in that moment. After speaking with them briefly, I hung up the phone and began to cry tears of joy. I knew, without a doubt, I had just had a divine moment of outreach from the risen Savior,” McEnany noted in her chapter.

She said that in recalling the incident, she can’t remember much at all about the call but said, “I do know that person was used by Christ in that specific moment.”


“Their call changed my life forever,” she wrote.

In her book, which is released on May 2, she also revealed what she called the darkest moment of her life. McEnany discussed the difficulty and struggles she experienced while trying to become pregnant with her second child, Nash, who came into the world in November.

That comes in contrast to when she became pregnant with now three-year-old Blake, which occurred “rather quickly” with her husband Sean Gilmartin. The couple decided to expand their family in the summer of 2021, but it did not come easily, the Fox News host revealed.


“Several months passed, and negative pregnancy tests were ample. As spring of 2022 approached, part of me began to worry. Why wasn’t I getting pregnant? I attempted to overcome worry by leaning on faith,” she wrote.

But then a friend gave her a copy of Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge,” and she decided to practice what the book preached.

“As I tried to pray with expectation, Satan did his best to infiltrate with worry, doubt, and frustration,” McEnany wrote. Not long after, she took a home pregnancy test — and then another to be sure — and both showed she had become pregnant.

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