Megyn Kelly Shares Heartfelt Apology, Praises Caitlyn Jenner for Speaking Out


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Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly shared some heartfelt apologies with her SiriusXM podcast audience last week while also commending Caitlyn Jenner for speaking out about preventing trans athletes from competing in sports competitions with those of the opposite biological sex.

Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, a champion Olympic swimmer and outspoken conservative who transitioned in 2015, has railed against biological men competing in all-female sporting events, stating they should only be allowed to compete against other men.

“Caitlyn Jenner is out there every day tweeting about this kind of thing. Caitlin understands how unfair this is,” the journalist alleged in a segment during her Thursday podcast of “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “It’s not about trans people.”

“I think most trans people probably agree with us,” Kelly claimed, per OK! magazine. “It’s just the few who try to take advantage of sport, and it’s always a male-to-female trans person. It’s never the other way around. Why? Because we’re the ones who can be taken advantage of.”

In addition, Kelly criticized herself for remarks she had made about the use of pronouns and transgender children before appearing to tear up over the subject.


“I’m kind of emotional about it because look at this poor girl [Isabelle Ayala] and what was done to her,” Kelly explained in reference to a Florida teen who transitioned to male when she was 14 years old and is now suing the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“I realize now I was part of this problem. My heart was in the right place. I wasn’t trying to push anything bad on kids,” said Kelly. “I thought I was being supportive of them. I thought I was promoting anti-bullying. And now I just have such regret about it.”

“I’m not a regretful person… If you’re not actively fighting against this, you are part of the problem,” Kelly added. “You are hurting people like Isabel… You have to fight, whether it’s a donation, or just using your voice, or retweeting support for people…Do something. Do something.”

“Please don’t protect yourself, and don’t be lured into thinking it’s empathetic to support this radical experimentation on minors,” she concluded.


In January, Kelly took left-wing MSNBC host Mika Brezinski to task for what she felt was a very soft interview the latter conducted with first lady Jill Biden.


“She did not ask her any hard questions. And it’s, like, if you’re gonna sit there and tee it up for the first lady to say, ‘This is cruel what they’re doing to my son,’ then you better – if you actually consider yourself a journalist who criticizes other journalists – get ready for a couple of tough follow-ups, madam,” Kelly said during a show segment.

“Let me walk you through why they’re investigating him. And by the way, why do we have those nudie pics of Hunter? Because he thought his unit was the most photogenic unit in the world. He couldn’t get enough of his own disgusting, hairy body. That’s the only reason we’ve seen it,” the former Fox News star continued.

“It’s an egregious fall down on the job. I get it. That’s her side. She’s very clearly voting for the Bidens, and that’s okay. Journalists are allowed to vote in elections and have a preference, but when you’re across from the other person as a journalist, f–ckin do your job. I’m sorry,” Kelly continued.

“I believe my record stands up on this. I do it when I’m across from the person I know I’m gonna vote for. Why? Because I want to be mean to that person? Because I don’t want this person to like me? No, because it’s my job,” she said.

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