Megyn Kelly Rips ‘Prophet’ Anthony Fauci: ‘We Have Been Lied To’


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Former Fox News host and top-rated podcaster Megyn Kelly tore into “prophet” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden administration’s top medical adviser, accusing him of “lying” to Americans over protocols, mandates, and recommendations regarding COVID-19 and the pandemic in general.

During a segment on her show this week, she cited several flip-flops and reversals including quarantine timeframes, vaccine protection, and the wearing of cloth masks.

“The truth is that ’10 days’ [for quarantining] was a made-up standard from the beginning,” Kelly said, referring to a change implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in recent days, cutting the previous 10-day quarantine back to five days as long as a person doesn’t have symptoms.

“As was the six-feet distancing rule, as was the cloth mask rule, as was the 70 percent for herd immunity rule. I could go on,” she continued, referencing Fauci, who is the long-time director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


“The point is: we have been lied to, we have been actively misled, we have been led around like mules on a tether by government bureaucrats, like Fauci, who wants to shut down your job while he makes north of $400,000 a year — and we learned this week is set to retire with a pension of over $350,000 a year,” Kelly continued.

“These people wanna muzzle your kid all day at school while they parade around maskless at dinners and the Met Gala,” Kelly continued in what perhaps was a reference to self-described Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and other members of her party. ‘AOC’, as she is called, showed up to the event last fall wearing a dress that said “Tax the Rich.”

“They want to scare parents into sticking an experimental vaccine into their kids’ arms over and over and over — not one, but two shots, and then a mandatory third,” she continued. “Or no sports, or school, or indoor fun of any kind, despite the data that unvaccinated young people face a risk far less severe than that of fully-vaccinated adults.”

Earlier in her segment, the former Fox News star blasted other media figures who appear to have a sycophantic obsession with government bureaucrats like Fauci the “prophet.”

“That’s a good girl,” Kelly said, mocking far-left and former ‘Republican’ MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who bragged recently about having taken multiple COVID vaccines and making sure she puts on a mask before she leaves her house.


“What a good girl you are; let me rub your belly,” Kelly continued, emphasizing her ridicule.

Last month, Ben Shapiro, editor-emeritus of The Daily Wire, listed several things that left-wing media types have flipped on “once it became clear that covid was not in fact a pagan god visiting vengeance on the unwashed Trump voters alone:”

1. Cloth masks are ineffective against omicron (Leanna Wen, CNN);


2. The vaccinated can spread and get covid;

3. The death rate is comparable to the flu (Chris Hayes);

4. Many people are entering hospitals with covid, not from covid (Fauci);

5. Natural immunity is a reason omicron hasn’t been as virulent (Fauci);

6. We have to take into account societal needs, not just spread prevention (CDC);


7. The asymptomatic should not be tested (NFL);

8. We should focus on hospitalizations and deaths, not case rate (Biden);

9. Children are not at risk and schools should remain open;

10. Covid is predominantly an illness affecting the immunocompromised and elderly and we should not shut down society.


For his part, Fauci said last week that the CDC was revisiting its testing requirements regarding the five-day quarantine recommendation following “pushback” from public health officials, according to CQ/Roll Call:

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday’s ABC This Week, the nation’s top leading infectious disease expert, 81, revealed that the CDC is now considering adding testing as part of its revised COVID-19 guidelines for asymptomatic individuals, or those who have been in close contact with someone COVID positive — nearly a week after the agency cut the recommended isolation time from 10 days down to five.

Fauci admitted that “there has been some concern” about why asymptomatic yet infected individuals are given the green light to re-enter the public domain after less than a week without testing negative for the virus first.

“The CDC is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that. Looking at it again, there may be an option in that, that testing could be a part of that,” as well as masking recommendations, he said.

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