Melania Trump Shares Major Announcement With Her Followers


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Former First Lady Melania Trump has entered into a “special arrangement” with Parler, the conservative social media website.

The deal means that she will post “exclusive communications on Parler,” a statement from the company posted on Substack read.

“I am excited and inspired by free speech platforms that give direct communication to people worldwide,” the former first lady said in her own statement.

“Parler has been on the forefront of utilizing Web3 technology and empowers its users to foster productive discourse,” her statement added.

Parler also powers Melania’s Trump’s new blockchain technology platform, which she unveiled in December for the purpose of selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Mrs. Trump and Parler have found synergy in the shared desire to embrace Web3 technology. As part of the synergistic relationship, Mrs. Trump will share exclusive communications on Parler,” the announcement stated.


Company CEO George Farmer hailed Melania Trump as a global “icon” with a massive following.

“In the time that Parler and Mrs. Trump have been working together, we have found a new level of productivity and engagement with both her, her team, and her brand,” Farmer said.

“Parler is excited to take this step forward with her and continues to build out its product offering to support her professional evolution as one of the world’s leading icons,” Farmer added.

On the other side, former President Donald Trump is also making big moves.

According to Trump’s latest Federal Election Commission filing, his Save America PAC hauled in $51 million during the second half of 2021, bringing his total cash-on-hand to an eye-popping $122 million.

Earlier, the former president had reported raising $82 million during the first half of last year, which, according to a statement he released at the time, was the most money ever raised by a former president.

“President Trump’s continued and unprecedented pace of fundraising shows that the future of the Republican Party in 2022 and beyond remains, perhaps, the strongest in our country’s history — the MAGA movement is here to stay!” the Save America PAC statement Monday read.


“This massive fundraising accomplishment does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by other candidates and organizations who use President Trump’s name, likeness, endorsement, and America First Agenda as a platform for their efforts, further strengthening the movement he began in 2016,” the statement continued.

“The key fundraising numbers released Monday show an average donation of $31 among 1,631,648 total donations. Of those, 98.6% are small donations of under $200, according to the Save America PAC,” Newsmax noted.

“Trump’s Save America PAC alone has already ‘contributed $1,350,000 to like-minded causes and endorsed candidates,'” the outlet continued.

During a recent rally in Texas, Trump declared his “MAGA” – Make America Great Again — the “greatest political movement” in U.S. history.


“Our MAGA movement is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country, and I say it all the time, and they never even – the fake news – they never even questioned it because it there’s never been anything like it,” Trump said.

“And you know what it really stands for? Loving our country, that’s all it is,” he added.

“Together we are standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interests, and vicious opponents our people have ever seen – could say our country has never seen anything like it,” Trump continued.

“But no matter how big or powerful these corrupt radicals may be, you must never forget our nation does not belong to them. Our nation belongs to you. This is your home. This is your heritage. And our American liberty is your God-given right,” he added.

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