Melania Trump Stuns Mar-a-Lago Crowd While Hosting Hungarian Prime Minister


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Former first lady and one-time top professional model Melania Trump has once again bedazzled a Mar-a-Lago crowd while she and her husband, Donald Trump, hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban last week, with one video clip, in particular, going viral.

According to clips posted online, Melania entered the venue dressed in a sleek white pantsuit, black shirt, and black heels while Orbán presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Preceded by husband and former President Donald Trump, as Melania entered, the song “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison can be heard in the background.


The Trump campaign said late Friday that the two long-time allies discussed “a wide range of issues affecting Hungary and the United States, including the paramount importance of strong and secure borders to protect the sovereignty of each nation,” per Politico.


While in the U.S., Orbán — who has been chastised by liberal European leaders over his refusal to allow Hungary to become inundated with migrants — did not visit with President Joe Biden, which led to criticism from the commander-in-chief.

A report noted in December that Melania Trump will make many more public appearances on behalf of her husband as he campaigns for a third time for a second term in the White House.

Meanwhile, first lady Jill Biden received some bad press last week after a report surfaced that portrayed her and President Joe Biden in a very negative light.

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that Anthony Bernal, an openly gay top aide to first lady Jill Biden, has a lengthy history of questionable conduct at work but is considered “untouchable” because she sees him as her “work husband,” sources who spoke to the outlet confirmed.

According to the report, Bernal has reportedly engaged in speculating about the penis size of staffers, a behavior that one of the publication’s sources interpreted as an attempt to make people uncomfortable and assert dominance.

“It lines up with everything I experienced working there,” the former top Biden aide, who requested anonymity, said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“I’m surprised it has taken this long for so many staffers to speak out,” the person said. “I wouldn’t be shocked if this empowered current and past staff to move forward.”


According to the Post’s report, two individuals claimed that Bernal shared his theory suggesting that a person’s thumb size is linked to their penis size. He allegedly made these remarks not only during his time in the current White House but also in previous roles in the Biden campaign and during Biden’s vice presidency.

“It is to make people uncomfortable and to have power over them,” one source told The Post. “It is Me Too – classic Me Too.”

Another source told The Post that Bernal frequently speculated about the penis size of various individuals, including political aides and Secret Service agents.

A third individual added that before Biden’s presidency, Bernal allegedly remarked to a colleague that he had a small penis during a disagreement. Additionally, on another occasion, he reportedly commented on a “staffer’s bulge in his khakis.”


“It was a lot of inappropriate remarks — talking about other people’s attractiveness and speculating about their sex lives at very weird moments,” that source told the outlet. “That’s actually sexual harassment.”

According to the report, Bernal also frequently questioned people’s sexuality and delved into their personal lives said the report, which was based on interviews with nearly a dozen current and former staffers.

The sources said they are coming forward because they want Bernal held accountable.

“If the White House Counsel is investigating the behavior of a junior staffer in the scheduling and advance office, does that mean they’re investigating Anthony Bernal, an assistant to the president, too?” a former top Biden aide told Fox News. “A dozen sources seem like enough to trigger that type of internal investigation.”

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