Poll: Majority Of Respondents See Biden As ‘Mentally Unfit’ And A ‘Weak Leader’


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The most recent poll is a good news and bad news situation for President Joe Biden.

On the one hand, he got high marks on his handling of the situation between Russia and Ukraine after his State of the Union address and hit his highest mark in 2022, Mediaite reported.

But on the other hand, less than half of respondents believe he is mentally fit to be president, a startling number for a man who has his fingers on the nuclear codes.


According to a new Morning Consult/Politico survey, 45 percent of Americans approve of the president’s job performance, while 51 percent disapprove. That’s a 4 point increase from the last Morning Consult/Politico survey, completed Feb. 27, and it represents Biden’s best approval rating in the poll since Dec. 13. It’s also consistent with an NPR poll out last Friday which gave him a 7 point bump after the State of the Union.

Voters are giving the president a passing grade on Ukraine, the Morning Consult/Politico survey found. In all, 46 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis, while 42 percent disapprove. That’s up 6 points from the Morning Consult/Politico survey completed two weeks ago.

Still, the news wasn’t all good for the president. Just 45 percent of voters believe that he is “mentally fit.” That number has gone unchanged over the past two months. It also tracks with an ABC poll last month which found 54 percent of Americans do not believe that Biden has the “mental sharpness” for office.

And even more frighteningly, the one thing that had the “most consensus” among those polled is that they see President Biden as a “weak leader.”

This comes a week after another poll showed that a majority of Americans believe that President Biden is mentally unfit to be the commander-in-chief.


According to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll, a strong majority of voters said Biden is unfit to serve as president while also revealing the lowest job approval rating (37 percent) from the poll since becoming president over a year ago.

“The recent poll revealed that the “underlying weakness” is to the degree that most adults “have doubts about his personal capacities.” When the respondents were asked if he was a strong leader, 59 percent said no, while 36 percent said yes. In fact, those percentages resemble his job approval; 37 percent approve and 55 percent disapprove,” Breitbart reported.

“When asked about Biden’s “mental sharpness” to serve as president, 54 percent said they do not think Biden is mentally sharp enough, while only 40 percent said he is. When respondents were asked the same question in May 2020, when Biden was only a candidate, 51 percent said he had the “mental sharpness” needed to serve as president, while 43 percent said he did not,” the report added.


“Biden seemed to have lost independents, a critical polling group, on this topic. Fifty-nine percent of the independents gave the president’s mental sharpness a negative assessment, a rise of 13 percentage points since May 2020,” the report added.

A separate Washington Post-ABC News poll that was released over the weekend found that voters have more trust in Republicans than Democrats as Biden’s approval rating has plummeted down to 37 percent.

The poll found that 50 percent of registered voters said they’d prefer Republicans to be in control of Congress, while 40 percent prefer Democrats.


It also revealed that 49 percent said they will support a GOP candidate in November’s midterm elections, with 42 percent saying they will vote for a Democratic candidate.

It is tough to imagine that the number is going to improve as President Biden ages heading toward the 2024 presidential election. And Democrats have to wonder how many people are going to vote for someone they believe is not mentally fit.


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