Michelle Obama Releases Video Claiming Mail-In Voting Is ‘Fair And Safe’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is calling on voters to “spread the word” about mail-in voting ahead of what is likely to be a contentious election.

In a video address released on Tuesday by Obama’s “When We All Vote” organization, the former first lady said mail-in voting is “fair and safe” before asking voters to cast their ballots early ahead of Nov. 3 as the coronavirus pandemic could pose health risks for in-person voters.

“Fair and safe voting is gonna be more important than ever this year. And that’s why When We All Vote is fighting to expand vote-by-mail, in-person early voting, and online voter registration,” Obama said.

Obama’s pitch runs in direct opposition to the concerns raised by President Donald Trump who has questioned the validity of widespread mail-in voting and has claimed on many occasions since the coronavirus pandemic began that the election could be rigged.

Obama rejected these claims in her video, suggesting that giving voters the “tools” they need to participate in one of the most important elections in U.S. history was paramount to the democratic process.

“Make sure your friends, families, and communities are registered, know their rights, and are fully prepared to vote by mail this year or vote early in-person,” Obama said, adding, “Let’s get more folks across the country trained with the tools, the resources, and the information they’ll need to vote because this election couldn’t be more important.”


This is the second time in less than a month where Obama has delivered a major 2020 message for Democrats.

Late last month, Obama released a new video message saying the “election could not be more important for the future of our country.”

“We’ve only got 100 days left … and we’ve got to direct every ounce of energy we have into making sure everyone we know understands the importance of their voice and their vote,” Obama said.

“With everything that’s been going on this year, this election could not be more important for the future of our country,” Obama says in her video message.

“All that good work you’ve been doing—all the outreach … the voter registration parties … the efforts to make sure no American has to choose between their health or their vote on Election Day—that work is more important than ever before,” Obama said.


The Obamas have been making big election moves lately.

During a YouTube address to the graduating class of 2020, Obama wasted little time making it political and citing the protests across the country following the death of George Floyd.

The former first lady urged young people to take a multi-faceted approach in their quest for social justice.

“You deserve this celebration. Congratulations. This is an important time of transition. In light of the current state of our country, I struggle to find the right words of wisdom for you today,” Obama said.

“So I am here today to talk to you, not as the former first lady but as a real-life person, a mother, a mentor, a citizen concerned about your future and the future of our country because right now, all that superficial stuff of titles and positions, all of that has been stripped away,” she continued.

Biden announced on Tuesday that he has selected California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

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