Michelle Obama Spotted Out With Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife At Swanky Restraunt

The Obama’s are currently entangled in a major scandal: why won’t they endorse Joe Biden’s presidential campaign?

It’s certainly odd that former President Barack Obama wouldn’t endorse Biden given he served as his vice president for eight years.

While Michelle Obama has ruled out a presidential run in 2020, her latest move seems to suggest that the Obamas are plotting to take down Joe Biden — or at least not lift a finger to help him.

Michelle Obama dined with the ex-wife of Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., Wednesday night, according to the New York Post.

The former first lady was spotted having dinner with Kathleen Biden and a few others.

Why is this a big deal?

This comes as Hunter and Joe Biden are currently engulfed in a massive scandal involving potentially illegal business deals in Ukraine.

While the scandal is heating up, the Obamas are flat-out refusing to endorse Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Adding fuel to the rumors that there are tensions between the Bidens and Obamas, it’s interesting that Michelle Obama has maintained contact with and had lunch with Hunter’s ex-wife.

Hunter and Kathleen Biden divorced in 2017 after a 22-year marriage.

Hunter then began dating his widowed sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, who lost her husband, Beau, to brain cancer in 2015.

While dating his deceased brother’s widow, Hunter Biden got a former stripper pregnant, allegedly blew tens of thousands of dollars of the family’s money, and became addicted to cocaine.

Hunter also faces questions over his role as a board member for corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Hunter allegedly profited financially from his father’s time as vice president while serving on the board.

The details emerged as the Ukrainian government recently reopened an investigation into a company that once paid Hunter Biden roughly $50,000 a month.

Burisma is being probed by Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Joe Biden allegedly pressured and tried to intimidate the Ukrainian government to remove the prosecutor from the case, and his plan actually worked.

If Biden used his power as VP to pressure Ukraine into removing the prosecutor who was investigating a shady deal involving his son, that would be catastrophic and maybe even illegal.

It also seems interesting that the Obamas are refusing to endorse Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Like Obama, many continue to question whether Biden is mentally fit to hold any public office.

Obama’s No. 2 has also been called out for flip-flopping on several issues, which is a clear attempt to pander to the radical Left now that he’s seeking their vote to become president.

It’s noteworthy that Michelle Obama had lunch Hunter Biden’s ex-wife for three hours while the Bidens are engulfed in a plethora of scandals.