Mike Lindell Says Bank Set To Get Rid Of His Charities And Businesses


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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is paying the price for supporting his belief that President Joe Biden did not legitimately win the presidential election.

The CEO said that one of the largest banks in the United States is looking to get rid of his nine businesses and charities, he said in an interview Friday with Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast.”

He said that the Heartland Financial and Minnesota Bank and Trust is set to disassociate with his businesses and charities.

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The CEO said that the bank, which is a subsidiary of Heartland Financial, was concerned about being connected to “someone who could be in the news.”

“Not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came and said, ‘Do you know what? We are going to subpoena all of his account records, and this and that.’ And then all of a sudden we make the news,” he said.

“So it’s more of a reputation risk,” the CEO said.

His accounts that could be affected are Lindell Management, Lindell Outreach, Lindell Recovery Network, Lindell-TV, Lindell Foundation, Lindell Publishing, Frankspeech, Michael Lindell Personal, and MyStore.

He said that the bank gave him one week to remove his website Frankspeech, “and they want all the rest gone within 30 days.”

“I said, ‘I am not being part of this. I’m not leaving. So you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank,'” he said.

“Where does it end everybody? Where does it end?” the CEO said.

He said he got an email from Minnesota Bank and Trust CEO Stephen Bishop after he had continued to attempte to get a hold of him, only to be told that he was in meetings, and would “look into it.”

“Look into what? You’re — I’m supposed to be able to sleep and all this just knowing I’m getting cancelled yet again?” he said.

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