Mike Lindell Announces He Is Making Pillows For The Truckers Protesting In Canada


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Editor’s note: An original version of this story featured a promotion that Conservative Brief did for Mike Lindell. The promotion cited allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. Elections officials have affirmed the integrity of the 2020 vote and Joe Biden was declared the winner. We have removed the false promotion from the story and regret the error.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is a true patriot who never backs down from the woke mob, and he is showing his love for the people again.

The CEO and avid Trump supporter announced that he is sending pillows to the truckers who are protesting vaccine mandates.


“All of our employees are busy making pillows right now for the truckers in Canada. We’re gonna try and get them though,” he said to RSBN.


“I’m not gonna say what day or you know there will be obstructionists,” he said.

“I have a plant up in Canada. I have a factory in Canada but we can’t make enough there because of what happened before,” he said. “Remember when I was canceled in the United States (Canadian) companies canceled me too.”

He then praised the truckers for their efforts in fighting for what they believe in.

“What brave truckers, and it’s going on around the world now. It’s amazing, we’re winning,” the CEO said. “I encourage all the truckers, don’t give up and say ‘we’ll compromise halfway.’ No. We want all (of) our freedoms,” he said.

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