Multiple Scandals Leave Biden Increasingly Vulnerable to Impeachment


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The bad news for Joe Biden continues to pile up, putting his presidency at risk, especially if Republicans managed to retake control of Congress after the November midterms.

Earlier this month in a scathing monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson lambasted Biden over his energy policies, which Carlson says have greatly harmed American consumers and have even left the United States vulnerable in an emergency.

In particular, Carlson blasted Biden for selling oil from the U.S. Strategic Reserve to a Chinese energy firm his son Hunger Biden had financial ties with:

We are rich because we are rich in natural resources. That’s why we won the Second World War, for example. When previous generations said, as they often did, that God has blessed our country, this is what they were talking about. Yet suddenly, strangely, the United States is suddenly experiencing shortages of both food and energy and that’s why prices of these things have risen, because we don’t have enough of them. How did that happen? You should know if you care about the future of America, your children’s future, you need to know how this happened.

Carlson went on to play a clip of Biden from a trip he took to Ohio where he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for energy and food price hikes in the U.S., adding:


It’s just embarrassing. It’s grotesque, actually, and at this point is dangerous and no one believes a word of it because it’s provably untrue and we feel, since this is a news network, a moral responsibility to prove that it’s untrue. 

Carlson then noted where a huge amount of oil Biden has released from the U.S. Strategic Reserve has gone before calling on Congress to take action against the president:

It turns out the oil being released isn’t for us. It’s going to India and China. According to Reuters, and we’re quoting, “more than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserve released to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month.” The piece continues “cargo of SPR, crude (oil from our reserves) we’re also headed to the Netherlands into a Reliance refinery in India, an industry source said. A third cargo (buckle your seatbelt) headed to China.” To China!

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So, as gas prices set records in this country, as American citizens who were born here and vote and pay taxes cannot afford to fuel their own cars, the Biden administration is selling off our emergency oil reserves to China. That’s not an indictable offense? It’s certainly an impeachable one and they should impeach him for that.

But it’s not just Biden’s energy policies that are endangering his presidency: His son’s nefarious business ties with competitor countries like China and, according to reports the president’s involvement in them, are also posing new problems.

“At least 14 of Hunter Biden’s business associates met Joe Biden while he was vice president in the Obama administration, contradicting the president’s claims that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings,” National Review Online reported Thursday.


Citing Fox News, NRO added that “records show Joe Biden met with his son’s business associates from the U.S., Mexico, Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan during his vice presidency. … The president has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of his son’s ‘overseas business dealings.'”

NRO notes further:

Records indicate that Joe Biden was also meant to meet with Eric Schwerin, one of his son’s business associates in 2012, and a host of associates from Ukraine and Russia in 2015, including Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov and his wife, Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina. Former Kazakhstan prime minister Karim Massimov and Kazak oligarch Kenes Rakishev were also seen pictured at the same dinner as the eastern European associates, but the location and date is unverified.

For these reasons and others — including Biden’s lax border security and immigration enforcement policies — the president increasingly faces the prospect of impeachment, and several Republicans have indicated that is the direction they will move if the party takes control of Congress in the midterms, Newsweek reports.

In January, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) indicated there would be “multiple grounds” for impeaching Biden, while in April, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) said during a virtual meeting recently that the House Judiciary Committee would “hold the hearings to determine whether impeachment is appropriate.

“We’ll vote on impeachment. And then it will be presented to the full House,” he added.