‘Must Watch Video’ The Media Doesn’t Want You To See: Conservative Patriot Gunned Down in Cold Blood

FBI Director Christopher Wray may claim that Antifa is an ‘idea,’ but he might want to take a look at this harrowing video of a conservative activist gunned down at a “Patriot rally” in Denver.

The attack took place during dueling rallies in Denver on Saturday afternoon between a “BLM -Antifa Soup Drive” and a “Patriot rally.” Further adding to the powder-keg situation, Westword reported that a Denver communist group organized a counter-protest when it learned that pro-police groups were organizing a “Patriot Muster” to back the blue.

“We scheduled our action after learning that the militia-fascists had called a ‘patriot muster’ against the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-fascists and Marxists,” a Denver Communists spokesperson told Westword. “That’s us — guilty as charged and happy to oblige with our presence.”

In the context of this heavily politically charged event, the Denver Post originally reported that an activist one could surmise was affiliated with BLM-Antifa had shot and killed a conservative demonstrator.

A man participating in what was billed as a “Patriot Rally” of right-wing protesters sprayed mace at a left-wing demonstrator, and the left-wing demonstrator shot him with a handgun. Ambulances responded to the scene. Police said Saturday afternoon they were working on a homicide investigation.

The Post Millennial explains the publication also initially reported what allegedly transpired to elicit the shooting:

The Denver Post also reported that the right-wing protester allegedly sprayed mace at a Black Lives Matter supporter, who retaliated by fatally shooting him with a handgun. The police arrested two men almost immediately after the shooting occurred, in scenes captured on livestream.

After a member of the Denver Post disputed this account, and the police announced that they have not determined a political affiliation for the suspect, the official narrative was changed.

It was a ‘private security guard’ who was in custody.

“There was a verbal altercation that transpired. A firearm was discharged,” Denver Police Chief of Investigations Joe Montoya said. “An individual was shot and later pronounced deceased. There were two guns recovered at the scene.”

The Denver Police then pre-emptively announced that evening that the private security guard had “no affiliation with Antifa.” That certainly was a fast wrap to that “investigation.”

“Further investigation has determined the suspect is a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa. Additional information will be released as it becomes available,” the Denver Police tweeted.

A portion of that altercation was captured on a ‘must-watch video.’ Viewers can draw their own conclusions, but it certainly does not look like an argument between a conservative activist and a ‘private security guard.’


“One person was telling the other, ‘Go ahead, mace me bro. Mace me! What are you gonna do? Why don’t you mace me?!’ More pushing. A burst of orange mace erupts and the BANG one single shot,” a witness wrote on Reddit. “The larger man fell backwards and the shooter held his hands and gun (still in hands) up in the air. Police rush in, arrest the shooter and surround the body on the ground. They then clear everyone out and that’s when I left.”

It was also reported that moments after it was announced to a large Antifa contingent in Denver (Christopher Wray will just have to play along, since Antifa is only an “idea”), the rabid bloodthirsty leftist crowd celebrated.


This is another angle of the shooting with unidentifiable noise in the background.

Channel9 News provided further information about the ‘private security guard’ who was contracted to provide security to journalists at the event.

The private security guard was contracted through Pinkerton by 9NEWS. It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to accompany staff at protests.

It is not clear what could have led the Denver Police to come to the seemingly premature conclusion that the suspect has no affinity for Antifa. There are videos of the altercation available online and there does not appear to have been enough time to make a thorough examination or evaluation of witness accounts or such video evidence.

There is certainly more to the story than the Denver Police are letting on, and since there are videos of the shooting like those posted above, it is only a matter of time until we learn the actual motive.

UPDATE: We now have an AP photo of the shooting suspect. Come to your own conclusions about the assailant.