Nancy Pelosi: ‘In This Next Bill’ We Hope To Get Vote-By-Mail

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing her best not to let the coronavirus pandemic go to waste for Democrats.

During an interview on CNN, Pelosi told anchor Anderson Cooper that she is pushing for federally forced vote by mail in the 2020 election in the next round of coronavirus aid.

This, of course, is not something President Donald Trump and Republicans support, so she’s again pushing for a far-left scheme that will never pass in the GOP-controlled Senate.

Pelosi said the country needs to move toward a “vote by mail” system to give citizens a way to cast their ballots while the coronavirus makes it dangerous to congregate.

While all states offer some form of absentee voting, the bill would require “states to adopt contingency plans to prevent the disruption of federal elections from the COVID-19 virus.”


Government Accountability Insititute research director Eric Eggers says the Democrats’ plan for nationwide mail-in voting would send ballots to 24 million inaccurate and flawed voter registrations.

While speaking with Breitbart, Eggers said nationwide mail-in voting would be wide open to fraud and abuse.

“The concern I have if we’re trying to mandate national mail-in elections — which by the way was part of the language that Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats inserted in the first version of the most recent stimulus package — would be that we have such massive problems with voter rolls in this country,” Eggers said. “So, now are we going to be mailing ballots to people that authentically don’t exist and or are ineligible voters?”

A 2012 study by Pew Research Center revealed that there are 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations on state voter rolls. This means 1-in-8 voter registrations are either no longer valid or invalid.

Eggers said mail-in voting ensures voters associated with those flawed voter registrations would get the chance to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

“If you have national mail-in ballots where the supervisor of elections are mailing ballots to everybody on the voter rolls and we know per Pew [Research] Center statistics that we’ve got at least 24 million flawed or inaccurate voter registrations in this country,” Eggers said. “That’s 24 million ballots that are potentially going to people with the wrong address or to people that are dead or to people that have double registered.”

Last month, Congress passed a massive $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus compromise package, which will bring relief to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations.

The bipartisan breakthrough capped days of heated negotiations after Pelosi flew into D.C. and tried slipping in a slew of left-wing proposals, such as ballot harvesting and amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.