NBC Hosts Visibly Stunned On Live TV After Brutal Polling for Biden


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NBC’s Steve Kornacki and Meet the Press host Kristen Welker responded to another poll indicating trouble for President Biden leading up to the 2024 election.

We talk about the erosion for Biden, and now you start to see it. Look at these numbers,” Kornacki said while reacting to the latest survey. 

Former President Donald Trump was favored on several key traits and issues, such as handling inflation and the economy, with 52 percent of respondents choosing him compared to just 40 percent for Biden, marking a 22-point swing in Trump’s favor.

Trump also scored well when respondents were asked about mental and physical health. Forty-five percent of respondents expressed more confidence in Trump’s cognitive ability compared to Biden, who garnered support from just 20 percent of respondents.

When asked which candidate was the most “competent and effective,” 47 percent of respondents selected Trump, while 36 percent selected Biden. “And we actually polled this question in 2020, and it was basically the exact opposite. It was Biden with about a 10-point advantage over Trump,” Kornacki noted, eliciting a “Wow!” from Welker.

And again, same with handling a crisis. Biden had the edge over Trump. And how about this? It’s the former president, the current president. We don’t really see matchups like this. Well, now we can measure it,” Kornacki continued.


Those surveyed also chose Trump over Biden when asked which of the two had a better record as president.

And again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And again, you’ve got to mention this one too. Necessary mental and physical health. We asked this four years ago. It was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden,” Kornacki told viewers. “So these are all troubling numbers for Biden.”

It appears that Biden is the least popular in modern American history “as evidenced by the lack of care people have for him,” Breitbart News reported last week.

“Biden stopped at a gas station this week to order food in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Upon entering, few flocked to interact with him. Most patrons stood by, did not hold out their hands, and watched the president walk past,” the report said.

“Biden tried to speak with a girl when he entered the station, but after receiving little interaction, he slowly marched on while cameras followed and onlookers pressed themselves up against the wall. Biden posed for a few photos before he walked to the door,” it said.


Biden struggled to hear someone who asked if he thought his tariff policy would damage his relationship with China before answering “No.”

Juxtapose the response to the president in a city he was victorious in the 2020 election to that of the scene when former President Donald Trump visited a bodega in Harlem, a city that is one where he was defeated by a massive vote in the 2020 election.

A crowd chanted “Four more years!” and “We love Trump” before the former president spoke to the crowd.

“This is all politics. This is coming out of the White House. And you know, it makes me campaign locally, and that’s okay,” the former president said regarding his myriad of court cases.

Others noticed the gap in enthusiasm between Biden and Trump.

“Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station today because he wanted to try to replicate Trump’s Harlem bodega, where clerk Jose Alba defended himself while a violent customer attacked him in July 2022. It didn’t work,” Alex Bruesewitz, a Trump supporter said on X, formerly Twitter. “No one cheered. No one was excited to see him. Americans absolutely despise this crooked old fool.”

“People have had a chance to see Joe Biden be the president for three years now, and we’ve talked almost every day about his job approval ratings, which are very, very low,” Washington Examiner reporter Byron York said to Fox News. “As a matter of fact, if they’re this low, you just can’t win reelection.”

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