Nearly Two Dozen Former GOP Lawmakers Urge Congress To Impeach Trump

Written by Martin Walsh

This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

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Nearly two dozen former Republican lawmakers are calling for their current party members to support the impeachment of President Trump.

Twenty-two former Republican members of Congress wrote a letter to current GOP lawmakers on Monday saying that supporting the removal of the president would “fulfill your constitutional duty to uphold the integrity of the legislative branch and protect American democracy.”

The latest impeachment push comes days after the president encouraged his supporters to intimidate lawmakers into overturning the election. The supporters stormed the Capitol, and pandemonium ensued. There were five deaths, a lockdown of the Capitol, and dozens of arrests, but it only temporarily halted Congress before it certified the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

“There is no excuse for nor a defense of a President of the United States to actively orchestrate an insurrection on a separate but co-equal branch of government. Surely, the Founders would be sickened by the thought of such actions,” they wrote. “As members of the branch that was under attack—not just politically but physically—you must remove the president from office. Congress must send a strong and clear message not just to this president but for future presidents that this type of behavior will not be tolerated or accepted.”

“While President Trump is scheduled to leave office on January 20, Congress should still stand up for itself and the Constitution,” they argued. “Knowing the president will be leaving office in less than two weeks should not be an excuse for not impeaching. In fact, the House of Representatives could still impeach President Trump after he leaves office. Doing so could help pave the way to prevent him from serving in any other federal elective or appointive office.”

The former Republicans who signed the letter are:

  • Mary Bono from California
  • Tom Campbell from California
  • Rodney Chandler from Washington
  • Tom Coleman from Missouri
  • Barbara Comstock from Virginia
  • Charlie Dent from Pennsylvania
  • Charles Djou from Hawaii
  • Wayne Gilchrest from Maryland
  • James Greenwood from Pennsylvania
  • Bob Inglis from South Carolina
  • David Jolly from Florida
  • Steven Kuykendall from California
  • John LeBoutillier from New York
  • Mike Parker from Mississippi
  • Claudine Schneider from Rhode Island
  • Joe Schwarz from Michigan
  • Peter Smith from Vermont
  • Alan Steelman from Texas
  • Peter Torkildsen from Massachusetts
  • Sen. David Durenberger from Minnesota
  • Sen. Gordon Humphrey from New Hampshire

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has called on President Trump to resign in the wake of the Capitol Hill incident last week.

Toomey, who is set to retire in 2022, told Fox News on Saturday that Trump has committed “impeachable offenses” in recent weeks and days.

Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski said in an interview over the weekend: “I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage.”