New Details Emerge About Paul Pelosi’s Arrest; His Lawyer Releases Statement


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Paul Pelosi’s attorney has released a statement claiming that false information has been reported regarding his client’s arrest over the weekend for driving under the influence.

Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was charged with driving under the influence early on Sunday morning.

“Several news reports about Saturday night’s traffic incident involving Paul Pelosi have included incorrect information,” the attorney said. “Mr. Pelosi was attending a dinner party at the home of friends near Oakville.”

“He left that party at 10:15 PM Saturday, to drive to his home a short distance away. He was alone in his car,” the statement continued. “After stopping at the intersection of Walnut Drive and Highway 29, and proceeding across Highway 29 to Oakville Cross Road, his car was hit on the back fender by a Jeep heading southbound on Highway 29.”

The attorney claimed that Paul Pelosi was “fully cooperative with California Highway Patrol officers” and that “a prior driving offense erroneously attributed to Mr. Pelosi is untrue and likely refers to another person with the same name.”

“There are also incorrect reports that misstate the timing of events,” the statement concluded. “Mr. Pelosi left the dinner party at 10:15 PM Saturday. The incident happened a few minutes later.  CHP and Napa County processing took until 7:30 AM Sunday.”


Nancy Pelosi’s office responded to the news that her husband was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of DUI in Northern California.

Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s spokesperson, released a statement saying the 80-year-old California lawmaker would not be commenting on the alleged crime.

“The Speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the East Coast,” Hammill said in a statement.

Speaker Pelosi was in Rhode Island on Sunday giving a commencement speech at Brown University.

It didn’t take long for many social media users on both sides of the political aisle to weigh in on the matter.

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert: “This Memorial Day weekend, remember not to drink and drive. Save a life, call an Uber. @SpeakerPelosi.”

Chad Prather, The Blaze: “Paul Pelosi is worth $120M and this economy is so bad even he can’t afford a chauffeur.”

Conservative commentator Brigitte Gabriel: “Paul Pelosi is worth over $100 million and he can’t afford to call a cab.”


Democrat strategist Peter Daou: “The DUI is bad, but the Pelosi family’s insider trading is even worse.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon, attorney: “Thank God no one was hurt. Hope he gets some help for this problem.”

Jesse Kelly, radio host: “Always blows me away when this happens to rich people. Dude is worth over $100 million. Bro, hire a driver. My word.”

Mike Cernovich, political commentator: “The body metabolizes alcohol as you get older. I know a guy who got a DUI in his 70s. He had only had two glasses of wine at dinner, but those machines say what they say. Keep this in mind as we all get older. One glass even might trigger those machines.”

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Charles Gasparino, journalist: “With all the money these people make trading stocks you would think they can afford an Uber.”

Mark Levin, radio host: “Can’t really blame him.”

Jason Rantz, radio host: “As long as there’s no special treatment, not sure it’s news that the husband of Nancy Pelosi got a DUI.”

Chad Prather, The Blaze: “Nancy Pelosi’s husband arrested for DUI. If she was your wife, you’d be drinking and trying to get away too.”