New Lawsuit Claims Assange Confirmed Receiving DNC Emails From Seth Rich

This article relies heavily on opinion, speculation and allegations made in a court of law – If claims made in a new lawsuit, filed yesterday, are true then the allegations of Trump and Russia conspiring to hack the DNC’s servers will be affirmatively disproved.  And, the entire Trump-Russia hoax will collapse. 

More importantly, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ will be exposed as either completely inept (they’re not), or active participants in an effort to frame Donald Trump (most likely).

Yesterday, Texas attorney Ty Clevenger posted a brief description of the lawsuit he submitted on in which he named Seth Rich 174 times.

The 50-page lawsuit is presented below:

Now consider this Tweet from Kim

On May 17, 2017, two days before Kim Dotcom posted the above tweet, Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel. on May 17, 2017.

One day later Kim Dotcom admitted he was complicit in the DNC email caper:

Yet Robert Mueller, who interrogated half of everyone Donald Trump ever knew, passed on interviewing Kim Dotcom who claimed to have direct involvement in the DNC server breach.

Nine months after that, a potentially key witness was still being ignored by Mueller’s band of myopic “Get Trump” operatives.

On March 22, 2019, Robert Mueller submitted his report without ever interviewing Kim Dotcom – twenty-two months after the admitted accomplice offered to testify.

Alone, this is damning evidence of the plot to end the Trump presidency.  But, unfortunately there’s more to this story that acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller chose to ignore.

For starters, in early January 2017, before Donald Trump ever took office, while James Comey was still Barack Obama’s (Hillary Clinton’s?) FBI director, it became known that the FBI never examined the DNC server.

Crowdstrike, a private contractor paid for by the DNC, did.  The FBI allowed key forensic evidence to be reported by the Obama-Clinton-DNC aligned contractor.

As the 2016 election neared and the prospect that Donald Trump could become president became a distinct possibility, a sense of panic set in at the highest levels of the CIA, DOJ, and FBI.

They realized that the illegal surveillance conducted on Obama’s political opponents, that began with the IRS scandal and continued with NSA database abuse, would be exposed under a Trump presidency.

Added concern came from the fact that the Clinton camp actually had colluded with Russian operatives at least insofar as the construction of the Steele Dossier was concerned.

The need to distract from the Clinton-Christopher Steele-Russian connection likely led to the Trump-Russia collusion narrative as a way to tie all of the evidence into a single package while burying Obama-Clinton involvement.

This is all explained in great detail by Sundance.  This is a must read.

Skeptical?  That’s reasonable since no one knows Kim Dotcom’s bona fides.  We could ask Julian Assange about Kim Dotcom, after all, the DOJ has him in custody but no one at the DOJ has done that either.  Instead, Assange is being silenced.

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