No One Can Beat Out Trump For GOP Nomination: Top Radio Host


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A top-rated syndicated radio host based in Boston said over the weekend that he thinks former President Donald Trump has the 2024 GOP presidential nomination sewed up “at this point.”

Howie Carr, in an interview with Breitbart News’s Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle on SiriusXM, was asked about Trump’s chances to win the nom despite his four indictments, the latest of which came in Fulton County, Ga., last week, resulting in an epic mugshot that immediately went viral and has garnered the former president new support in the black community.

The host of “The Howie Carr Show” on WRKO said, “I don’t think there’s any way Trump could be stopped at this point. I mean, especially with as many people as there are in the field, I mean, it’s just going to split it up.”

He added that he believes entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy “is doing pretty well” in the primary and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has “somewhat of a lane,” but he doesn’t “see any way to stop Trump unless something unexpected happens at this point.”


Carr then flipped the script and asked Boyle for his analysis. The SiriusXM host responded that he thinks Trump is “on a glide path to the nomination” and compared the current political atmosphere to 2016. For example, Boyle said immigration is a top concern among voters he has spoken with, just as it was during the 2016 campaign.

Carr said the issue is becoming more of a concern in states “far from the border” such as Massachusetts, but went on to say it “is something that’s under the radar again, and it’s not being covered by the mainstream media very much.” 

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“These illegal aliens are being brought in in states far, far from the border, not just New York State, although that’s where, you know, there’s still a lot of attention, but like in Massachusetts, for instance, just this week, the state took over a hotel in Yarmouth on Cape Cod, sort of a somewhat working class — upper class as well — but mostly working-class area,” Carr said.

“They evicted all the United States citizen tenants, basically. They raised the rent from $300 a week to $700 a week. None of the tenants could afford it. They’re all out on the street, including an 89-year-old woman, and now they brought in illegal aliens for $700 bucks a week. They’ve taken over the entire hotel. The Americans have been evicted,” he said.

Breitbart News added:


Carr said the same situation unfolded in another town on Cape Cod called Dennis, where “some veterans were thrown out of their hotels, U.S. citizens, veterans, thrown out for illegal aliens.” Blue-collar towns such as Taunton, some 50 miles south of Boston, and Woburn, just north of Boston, are feeling the strain of illegal immigration as well, according to Carr, while affluent liberal towns, including where Gov. Maura Healey (D) lives, are not.

“Taunton, Massachusetts, a blue-collar area with a Republican mayor and a Republican City Council, there’s one hotel, 169 rooms, taken over totally by the state, signed a contract through 2029,” Carr went on to say. “Not only do they bring in the illegal aliens to fill up every room, they provide them with three meals a day, and this is crazy. Woburn, another working-class community…”

“I talked to a woman the other day… she said, ‘We’re surrounded by these rich communities — Lexington, Arlington, where the governor lives, Winchester — why don’t we have a mini METCO program?’ but… all these illegal aliens, Haitians mainly, are going to be thrown into the Woburn school system, a working-class city,” Carr continued.

“The upscale communities have no interest,” Carr noted further. “You know, they say ‘Hate has no home here,’ the yard signs, but they have no interest in taking them into their school systems. The governor and the lieutenant governor [Kim Driscoll (D)] said, ‘Can all the rich liberals take in some illegal aliens into their homes?’

“I can’t tell you…of course, there’s no response. It’s NIMBY [not in my back yard]. It’s like Martha’s Vineyard when DeSantis sent up the planeload last spring. And I think people are, you know, seething about that, too, not just in Massachusetts and New York… It’s in Ohio as well. It’s in all these states,” he added.