Body Of Missing 43-Year-Old Black Male Found In Water Near Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Estate


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The body of an African-American male was pulled from the water near the Martha’s Vineyard Estate of former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.

The gruesome discovery was made aftere the 43-year-old man went missing while with another paddleboarder on Edgartown Great Pond, Massachusetts.

The emergency call is believed to have come from inside the Obama Estate, which is where police were dispatched to, The Daily Mail reported.

Witnesses told cops the man went underwater and then briefly reappeared as he struggled to stay afloat, before submerging again around 7.46pm.

A massive joint-agency search resumed Monday morning for the African American male who was last seen wearing all black without a lifejacket, MV Times reported.

His paddle board and hat were recovered Sunday – and his body was found in the eight-foot-deep waters approximately 100 feet away from shore at 10am Monday.

The dispatch address for the incident came from Obama’s Martha’s waterfront Vineyard home. It is unclear if the former president, 61, is currently staying at the estate.


“Shortly before 10 AM the body of the missing paddle boarder was recovered from Edgartown Great Pond by Massachusetts State Police divers,” Massachusetts State Police said

“MSP Underwater Recovery Unit divers made the recovery after the victim’s body was located by a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers deploying side-scan sonar from a boat.

“As previously noted, the victim is a 43-year-old male. His name is not being released at this time; we expect to release his name later today,” it said.

“The recovery was made approximately 100 feet from shore at a depth of about eight feet.

“The investigation into the fatality is being conducted by the State Police Detective Unit for the Cape and Islands District and Edgartown Police,” it said.

The Obama’s last made news after the Supreme Court effectively put an end to Affirmative Action on college campuses some of the most vocal critics were former President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, but in a long screed from the former first lady, she forgot to mention something important.

After the decision was announced the former first lady waxed poetically about justice and equality and why she believes Affirmative Action is needed, and she cited examples from her life.

And the former president only posted two sentences as he retweeted what his wife said.

“Affirmative action was never a complete answer in the drive towards a more just society. But for generations of students who had been systematically excluded from most of America’s key institutions—it gave us the chance to show we more than deserved a seat at the table. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent decision, it’s time to redouble our efforts,” former President Obama said in a retweet of his wife, Michelle Obama’s, press release.


“Back in college, I was one of the few Black students on my campus, and I was proud of getting into such a respected school,” the former first lady said. “I knew I’d worked hard for it. But still, I sometimes wondered if people thought I got there because of affirmative action. It was a shadow that students like me couldn’t shake, whether those doubts came from the outside or inside our own minds.”

“But the fact is this: I belonged. And semester after semester, decade after decade, for more than half a century, countless students like me showed they belonged, too. It wasn’t just the kids of color who benefitted, either. Every student who heard a perspective they might not have encountered, who had an assumption challenged, who had their minds and their hearts opened gained a lot as well. It wasn’t perfect, but there’s no doubt that it helped offer new ladders of opportunity for those who, throughout our history, have too often been denied a chance to show how fast they can climb,” she said.

Oh the humanity. How do the Obamas continue to go on as they face such crippling oppression?

In fact, just before these statements were made by the former first couple, they were so oppressed that they jettisoned to Greece on a yacht with Hollywood star Tom Hanks, The Daily Mail reported:

Longtime pals Barack Obama and Tom Hanks were spotted enjoying a lavish vacation together in Greece alongside their families.

In exclusive new photos, the former US President, 61, and Hollywood star, 66, were seen having an al fresco dinner together at Cantina, a glamorous waterfront restaurant on the island of Sifnos.

Barack’s two daughters Sasha, 22, and Malia, 24, as well as his wife Michelle, 59, were also present for the meal, which took place earlier this month.

“An onlooker said that the party arrived on Paralia Seralia beach by dinghy – having come from a luxury yacht docked nearby,” the report said.

“I’m not one to get very starstruck – but seeing Obama in the flesh and so close was pretty surreal,” the person said.

“Their presence was pretty overwhelming and that definitely wasn’t lessened by the excessive security – who we even had to ask if we could use the restroom,” the person added.

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