Obama’s Former Campaign Manager Issues ‘Crucial’ Warning to Dems Ahead of 2024


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The man who masterminded then-President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection has sent Democrats a dire warning about 2024, according to a published report on Monday. cited a “secret memo” sent to a publication by Jim Messina in which he warned that third-party candidates are President Joe Biden’s biggest threat and could deliver the White House back to former President Donald Trump, who is far ahead of his GOP competitors in nearly every recent poll.

He also said that he believes next year’s presidential race will come down to a Biden-Trump rematch, but third-party candidates would likely take votes away from Biden, not Trump.

“I don’t care what they do. I don’t care how much money they spend. I don’t care who their nominee is. They’re going to get zero electoral votes. The question is who do they take the votes from?” said the secret memo from Messina to Politico.

“You just can’t split away votes if you want to beat Donald Trump,” he continued. “And I just cannot overstate how crucial it is to make sure that we don’t create a vehicle that takes enough votes up to elect Donald Trump.”

He also admonished Democrats increasingly anxious about Biden’s health, age, and mental status to “relax” because he believes the current president has the upper hand, for some reason.


“I thought it was important to say to my friends and clients and other people, let’s just take a step back and try to be really number-specific and really sort of who has what cards in their poker hand,” Messina explained. “And you would just rather be Joe Biden than Donald Trump.”

“Historically, we’re f—–g bedwetters,” he added. “We grew up in the ’80s and ’90s when Republicans won elections all the time. Democrats had their hearts deeply broken when Hillary lost and people didn’t see that coming. And so, you know, we continually believe every bad thing people say.”

He also advised Democrats and Biden to focus on three issues moving into the campaign cycle: The economy, abortion, and the fact that “the election is a choice, not a wish.”

“People thought we were crazy to go as early as we did with economic messaging,” he said regarding Obama’s economic focus ahead of the 2012 presidential election.

He also said that even the possibility of a national ban on abortion should Republicans win big next year would drive Americans to the polls to vote for Democrats.

Regarding the concerns about Biden, Messina said those will vanish the closer the election comes.

“It’s a choice between two parties, two ideologies, between two people,” Messina told Politico. “And that choice matters.”


“People didn’t see the Democratic turnout in 2022 coming,” he added. reported that Biden and Trump are currently tied at around 46 percent each nationally in major surveys.

Trump released a new video on his Truth Social website this week, and it’s already gaining a lot of attention.

The video features Trump going after President Joe Biden directly for his failed policies and allowing America to go from the most powerful nation to a global laughingstock.

The clip also comes as Trump appeared in a Manhattan court on Monday and Tuesday for his trial on fraud charges. New York Attorney General Letitia James opened an investigation into Trump and his family, accusing Trump of overvaluing his assets.


The Republican Party’s leading presidential candidate had some choice words for the judge overseeing his civil trial in New York during the first day of proceedings on Monday.

At one point Monday morning during a break, Trump addressed reporters outside the courtroom, slamming Judge Arthur Engoron for “bias.”

“This is a judge that should be disbarred. This is a judge that should be out of office. This is a judge that some people say could be charged criminally for what he’s doing. He’s interfering with an election. That is a disgrace,” Trump said.

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