Ocasio-Cortez Humiliated By Republican Chip Roy In Debt Ceiling Debate


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New York Democrat Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had a tough week when it comes to public speaking.

Her first debacle came when she thought she hit Republicans with a checkmate on the debt ceiling negotiations.

But that was until Texas Republican Chip Roy stepped in and laid the verbal smackdown on her.

“They are accusing Democrats of saying we spend too much,” the New York representative said. “For anyone that wants to entertain that thought, I ask you to think about the last time a person said has said in this country that the government does too much for them, that their social security check was too high, that teachers are paid too much.”

But much to the chagrin of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Roy was prepared with an answer.

“My friend from New York, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said ‘I ask you think about the last time a person has said in this country that the government does too much for them. When was the last time anyone has heard or seen that,’” he said, quoting the Congresswoman.

“I’ll say it right here. I don’t want the government doing most of the things that the government is doing to interfere with the ability of the American people to carry out their lives,” he said. “Federal state and local.


“When was the last time you had a bureaucrat show up and you said ‘Oh joy thank you I’m really glad there’s a bureaucrat here?’” he said. “When was the last time you were thankful for 32 trillion dollars in debt, a hundred thousand dollars almost for every man woman, and child in America? Anybody thankful for 32 trillion dollars in debt? Anybody thankful for a border that’s wide open being exploited by cartels while fentanyl comes in and kills our children? Anybody thankful for that Department of Homeland  Security that doesn’t actually secure the Homeland? Anybody thankful for an FBI that went after Scott Smith and labeled him a domestic terrorist for daring to defend his daughter in a school board meeting because she was assaulted in a bathroom?” he said as he continued to tear into bureaucracy.

“We have a government that is weaponized against the American people and is undermining our liberties and they want more of it,” he said, referring to Democrats. “My colleagues on the other side of the aisle want more government. They want more taxes, they want more spending, they want more bureaucrats knocking on your door.”

Her week only got tougher when she headed back to New York to face her constituents, some of whom were furious with her and her Party.

She was shouted at and called a “piece of s**t’ as security had to take measures to remove people from her town hall event.

“American citizens before migrants,” one man said as he walked toward the representative holding American flags. “Where are you on the migrant issue? You’re a piece of s–t.”

But after he was removed by security a woman in the crowd took his place berating the representative.

“We are at war with Russia,” she said “We’re on the verge of nuclear war. Are you going to stop this war?”


“Stop funding this war,” she said as she was being removed from the town hall. “There’s a lot of communities that need help and need that money. I’m from that community.”

And this comes after she got into it with Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in front of the Capitol this month.

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman had a heated exchange with Rep. Greene who has stood by Rep. George Santos throughout his ordeal.

Greene repeatedly said, “Biden is a criminal,” as Bowman exchanged words with her.

“Your party is hanging by a thread,” Bowman claimed.

Green replied, “Nah, we gotta get rid of Biden. We gotta save the country.”

“Impeach Biden! Impeach Biden!” she added.

At the end, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez grabbed Rep. Bowman and said “she’s not worth it.”

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