Biden Mocked For Wearing Mask Outside On Delaware Beach: ‘Mask Theater Is So Absurd’


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Joe Biden was mocked this week after he was seen wearing a mask while walking outside on a Delaware beach with his wife, Jill Biden, and their dog.

Footage showed Biden, who is fully vaccinated and has gotten a booster shot, wearing a mask outside on Rehoboth Beach with only a few people around them.

Jill Biden, who is also fully vaccinated, was not wearing a mask on the beach.

“The President, 79, even continued to wear his mask after the First Lady, 70, took hers off. It’s not clear who Biden believed he was protecting or who he felt he needed protection from as the only other people on the beach, the secret service didn’t come within 10 yards,” The Daily Mail reported.


It didn’t take long for many social media users to mock Biden.

“Look at this moron. Walking a deserted beach, with his wife, and wearing a mask,” tweeted former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes. “The theater never ends with the Left…”

Ironically enough, Fox News host Sean Hannity exposed Biden recently for violating his mask mandates in public.


“But now he’s the President and he’s got a long record, and we got a bunch of it right here,” Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy said.

Hannity responded: “Alright, so Joe Biden gives us a lecture yesterday, barely mumbling and bumbling through it, but he gives us a lecture about wearing masks indoors. And correct me if I’m wrong, he then went to the Oval Office without a mask on, then at another point in the day had the mask by his chin, and then in Nantucket, you see the sign that says you must wear a mask and there’s Joe Biden with no mask on. Is that the same guy? Sounds like, you know, do as I say, not as I do.”

“And Sean, here at the White House, we are all very respectful of the rules. There is a sign in the briefing room that says masks are required at all times for everybody and they’re there. I’m concerned to find out what would happen if I showed up for a briefing and tried to ask questions with no mask on,“ Doocy said.


“Wait a minute, Jen Psaki doesn’t have a — wait. Jen doesn’t have a mask on, why does she not have to wear a mask?” Hannity mockingly asked.

Doocy replied: “Well, the way that they describe it now is that you don’t need to wear one unless you are actively eating or speaking at a microphone. So, that gets a lot of people speaking in microphones at the White House out of that one.”


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