Pence Boasts Of Conservatives Justices, Says ‘I Know’ Roe V. Wade Will Be Overturned


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Former Vice President Mike Pence says the U.S. Supreme Court has the chance to correct a “historic wrong” with their looming abortion ruling.

The nation’s highest court will hear a direct challenge out of Mississippi to Roe v. Wade’s landmark holding that the Constitution provides a right of access to abortion.

During an interview with Breitbart News, Pence said he is certain Roe v. Wade will eventually be overturned, whether it be in a forthcoming ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on a Mississippi abortion law or a future case down the road.

“I couldn’t be more proud to have served alongside the most pro-life president in American history,” Pence said, referring to President Donald Trump.


“I mean, President Donald Trump kept his word to the American people—and to appoint strict constructionist strong conservatives not just at the Supreme Court of the United States but nearly 300 federal judges confirmed across the country that, as I said at the National Press Club I don’t know if we will overturn Roe v. Wade in this case, I don’t know if it will happen now. But I know it will happen. Not just because of the renewed conservative majority on the Supreme Court, but because of this extraordinary generation of conservatives that President Trump appointed to our courts all across the country,” he added.

“But I think the President would be quick as I am to say that where the real credit is due is among your listeners who for almost a half a century have never given up on the cause of life, have worked, have prayed, have given, have advocated, have supported pro-life candidates from our ticket to the Congress to statehouses to city halls all across America. I know the left thought that the pro-life movement would run out of steam, but as you and I both know it is stronger today than it’s ever been before. In fact, people in your generation are rightly called the pro-life generation because younger Americans grow more and more pro-life every day. In a very real sense, whether it be students for life around the country or all of the youth pro-life movements, it’s young people, young women, and men in America that are driving us to this moment. So I give great credit to President Trump and in our administration’s effort to thoughtfully consider judicial appointments and to keep our word to the American people to appoint conservatives, but it was the strength of 74 million Americans all across this country who stood with us in 2020, who stood for life in all the decades before that. If our hope and our prayers are fulfilled and Roe versus Wade is overturned, the credit will go to the American people who never gave up on life and by their efforts restored the sanctity of life to the center of American law,” he added.

“I have to tell you, I’m very encouraged,” Pence said when asked to react to the oral arguments. “I thought the solicitor of Mississippi and his focus on the people’s ability to decide the issue of abortion at the state level was very well presented. In my remarks to the National Press Club the day before oral arguments that that was essentially the case that we made. We know that the left will continue to make the argument against overturning Roe v. Wade, they’ll continue to paint a dark picture of America but more than 60 million unborn children have lost their lives since Roe v. Wade was issued by the Supreme Court in 1973. Nearly 50 years on and the time has come to return this great moral question to the states and to the people.”


“I think we have a great opportunity for a fresh start on life in America,” Pence said.

In remarks at the National Press Club, Pence called the high court’s decision on Roe, which protected a woman’s right to have an abortion, a “misguided” ruling that has harmed millions of unborn children.

“We are asking the Court, in no uncertain terms, to make history. We are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn Roe v. Wade and restore the sanctity of human life to the center of American law,” Pence said.


Pence said the court’s 1973 ruling was a “misguided decision” that has “inflicted a tragedy not only on our nation but on humanity, that is hard to fathom.”

“When the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade — and I believe with all my heart that day will come, either now or in the near future — it will not come as a surprise to anyone,” Pence continued. “It will simply be the culmination of a 50-year journey whose course and destination have been set by the will of the American people.”

This is arguably one of the most cases before the court in at least three decades.

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