Candace Owens Scores Legal Victory As Court Dismisses Defamation Suit


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Conservative commentator and podcaster Candace Owens managed to win a major court victory over Baltimore-based former GOP House candidate Kim Klacik, according to a Wednesday report. Not only was the case dismissed, but Klacik was also ordered to pay the Daily Wire host $115,000 in legal fees, “ending a nearly 18-month-long battle that played out on social media and in court,” the outlet reported.

The report noted the details of the case: “Klacik, who first made headlines in 2020 while running for a Baltimore-area House seat with a viral video of her walking through the city’s slums, sued Owens in 2021 after Owens said she committed campaign fraud and money laundering, took drugs, and had worked at a strip club. The $20 million suit, filed in Davidson County, Tennessee, had been working its way toward a hearing on Owens’ motion for dismissal when Klacik did an about-face and stipulated to an agreement ending her case which was then signed off on by the judge and reviewed by The Daily Wire.”

According to the report, Owens made her allegations during a June 22, 2021 Instagram video in which she warned conservatives that Klacik should not be trusted.

Initially, a suit was filed in Baltimore County, but eventually, it was moved to Tennessee. The Baltimore Sun reported that Klacik said Owens’ allegations cost her very lucrative financial opportunities that included a book deal and a contract with a “nationally recognized vendor.”


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In her video, Owens also alleged that a Klacik-established charity called Potential Me, which ostensibly she founded to assist women in finding employment, was really just a scam while also accusing the GOP candidate of abusing campaign funds during her 2020 congressional run, which was unsuccessful.

The two were at odds again on social media earlier this year after Klacik said on Twitter the judge hearing the case ruled in her favor after Owens filed a motion to dismiss the case. She vowed at the time to continue fighting to clear her name, but Owens responded, saying that no such court hearing had even occurred.

“This level of lying is actually incomprehensible to me,” Owens noted on Instagram. “You realize that Kim Klacik is lying now on a judge that is currently presiding over a case. How does that person possess the audacity to disrespect a judge and to do so in public?”

In September, Owens shared another incident with her supporters, giving a harrowing account of her hospital experience when she gave birth to her second child, a daughter, in July.

As she returned to her Daily Wire podcast, “The Candace Owens Show,” this week, she talked about difficulties in dealing with what she described as the “medical mafia” during her stay in a Tennessee hospital. Specifically, Owens said she and her husband were inundated with unreasonable requests by the facility which she believes was part of an effort to generate additional revenue, so they refused to comply.


As such, she explained that the hospital threatened to decline their insurance and have them charged with a misdemeanor, as well as contacting child protective services.

Owens explained in an interview with the Daily Mail that the hospital, Ascension Saint Thomas in Nashville, also would not help her deal with her primary complaint which was a lack of sleep for her and her newborn, which the couple named Louise Marie Farmer — a situation she described as “24 hours of torture.”

Owens, 32, said that the alleged maltreatment began after she refused to take antibiotics as well as medications to induce contractions as she went into labor. And she said the hospital tried to keep her more than 48 hours after her daughter’s birth so that her insurance would not cover the stay.


After she and her husband, George Farmer, refused and began to leave, she says a hospital pediatrician bluntly told them “that she watched a baby die in the 47th hour because her parents refused to stay.”

But the couple ignored the physician and other staffers’ false claims that their insurance would not cover the cost of care, the Daily Mail added.

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