Papadopoulos Leaks The Deep State CIA Asset Who Gave Him $10,000

If you caught Sunday Morning Futures earlier today, you likely saw Maria Bartiromo interviewing George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign official.  Their conversation centered on the Mueller report and Mueller’s recent train wreck … I mean, “testimony.”

The Gateway Pundit Reported: During Mueller’s testimony before Congress Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) asked the former FBI Chief if he knew anything about the $10,000 given to George Papadopoulos by an “Israeli” asset in the summer of 2017. The confused and obviously senile Robert Mueller said it was outside his purview to discuss the bribe to Papadopoulos(?)

Then Mr. Papadopoulos dropped a nuclear bomb on the official media and democrat narrative of the “Trump Russia Collusion” story.  The former Trump campaign worker told Maria Bartiromo that the man who gave him the $10,000 was a CIA asset.

George Papadopolous: I was very happy to see Devin Nunes bring that up. A man named Charles Tawil gave me this money under very suspicious circumstances. A simple Google search about this individual will reveal he was a CIA or State Department asset in South Africa during the 90s and 2000s. I think around the time that Bob Mueller was the director of the FBI. So, I have my theory about what that was all about. The money I gave it to my attorney in Greece because I believed it was given to me under very suspicious circumstances. And after coming back to the United States I had about seven or eight FBI agents rummaging through my luggage looking for money.

TGWP went on to report & share their opinion:

Later in the interview Papadopoulos told Maria Bartiromo that he was indicted by the Deep State criminal apparatus for not remembering when he met CIA asset Joseph Mifsud a year before the Mueller team came to interview him.

The entire Trump-Russia collusion investigation was a deep state set-up.

These criminals need to go to prison.

From Sunday Morning Futures:

It sure looks like the entire story has collapsed and the narrative (which we have been pushing and have believed for some time now, is, in fact, much closer to being accurate) is becoming more and more widely entertained.  It is starting to really look like there were powerful agents within the intel community that orchestrated a coup against then candidate, and eventually POTUS Trump. What say you?