Paul Ryan Transfers $7 Million, Makes Move That Could Be Bad News For Trump

“They gave me standing O’s in the Great State of Wisconsin, & booed him off the stage,” President Trump on Paul Ryan and POTUS is correct.

Ryan was always a fraud and his behavior during Trump’s first term will forever prove it. Just imagine what Trump could have accomplished if he had a speaker of the GOP controlled house who was on board with his agenda?

Ryan never was, in fact, Trump’s drain the swamp agenda was a personal risk to Ryan and his future ability to cash in on his years in Congress.

Now, I don’t know how this is legal, but if it is it shouldn’t be – Paul Ryan just transferred $7 million smackers from his political campaign accounts (he decided not to run again) to his personal nonprofit.

He also officially moved his family to Washington. Ryan took the leftover political contributions and transferred them to his personal nonprofit/personal slush fund to spread around DC as he moves to cash in.

Why not give them back? Why does he get to keep them?

This is what is wrong with the swamp and why despite Trump’s best efforts we still have much work to be done.

From Politico: The former speaker of the House and onetime GOP vice presidential nominee is leaving his longtime home of Janesville, Wis., and will rent a house in the Maryland suburbs of Washington.

“Now in the private sector, Paul and his family are temporarily renting a house in Maryland, and he’ll be spending time there as well as their family home in Janesville,” a Ryan aide told POLITICO.

Ryan studiously avoided putting down roots in Washington during his two decades in Congress, famously sleeping in his office. He consistently made clear that his career was based in the nation’s capital by necessity, not choice, and has worn his Wisconsin pedigree as a point of pride.

In recent months, Ryan has taken pains to detach himself from politics. In the late spring and early summer, he transferred more than $7 million from his political accounts to his nonprofit, the American Idea Foundation. In addition, the former speaker has taken a seat on the board of directors of Fox Corp., the parent company for entities like Fox News, Fox Sports and Fox Television. Ryan is on the compensation committee.

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