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Jake Tapper Confronts Pelosi With Her Words On Voting For Merrick Garland Back in 2016

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got roasted when she appeared on CNN to talk about the nomination to the Supreme Court of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

During an interview Sunday on “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper called her out on being a total hypocrite.

Pelosi claimed its impossible to argue that Barrett is “owed” a confirmation vote to the Supreme Court, just as Merrick Garland was owed back in 2016.

“This is unfortunate that the president would be so disrespectful and rush into this. But, nonetheless, it’s what it is,” the Speaker said.

But then Tapper called her on the fact that she said former President Obama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, was due a vote but now does not want Judge Barrett to have one.

“In 2016 you said that Republicans were showing ‘a disrespect for the Constitution,’” he said. “You said that Judge Garland was, ‘owed a vote‘ in the Senate. If judge Garland was owed a vote, then isn’t Judge Barrett owed one as well?”

“When did Justice Scalia pass away?” she said as Tapper answered “February,”

“This is now September, so the time frame is quite different that this court would go that long a time without a justice,” she said.

“I don’t see any equivalence in what you are presenting,” she said.


But the comparison of what month it was is ridiculous.

Does anyone believe that had the situation been the same and President Obama had the votes in the Senate that they would not have done the same?

As Tapper said, in 2016 the Hypocrite of the House was not singing the same tune when it came to Judge Garland.

“The Republican Congress is about to leave for an almost two-week recess.  Republicans are leaving Washington without having completed any of the urgent business before Congress.  On issue after issue, the American people are telling Congress: ‘Do Your Job’.  But the Republicans refuse.  Republicans recklessly block action on public health crises facing our nation.  They have recklessly chosen to obstruct the robust action needed to protect families from Zika, the new resources needed to confront the opioid addiction, the help needed for the lead-poisoned children of Flint, also the fair hearing and prompt vote owed to President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee,” Pelosi said at the time.

“The Republicans block action to support good-paying jobs to grow American’s paychecks and to build an economy that works for everyone.  The American people are fed up with Republicans’ relentless and reckless obstruction.  We have work to do.  Cancel the recess. Stay here.  Do your job,” she said.