Report: Nancy Pelosi Urging House Democrats To Not Join Biden Administration

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Democratic members of the House of Representatives are being told not to join a potential Biden administration as part of a strategy to protect the fragile Democratic majority in the House, according to a new report.

The message to stay put is being delivered by both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, according to the New York Post.

“Nancy is telling House members, ‘Now is not the time to leave,’” the Post reported it was told by a “Democratic Party official who’s been briefed by Democratic congressional reps.”

Hoyer, in fact, has told the transition team assembled by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden not to take from the Democrats in the House as it seeks to fill administration posts.

Although President Donald Trump has not conceded the election, Biden has begun forming a transition team based on projections from news organizations that he has won the White House.

Vacancies are filled by special elections, which would give Republicans a chance to gain even more seats than they did in the Nov. 3 election, when the minority party picked up at least a dozen seats.

“The Biden administration has to be a lot more sensitive of where you come from if you’re looking at members of Congress,” Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia said. “We cannot afford to put any seats in jeopardy.”

During a recent call among House Democrats, the topic of working for Biden was discussed.

“It’s not helpful to talk about that,” one Democratic leader said on the call said, according to the Post.

“The feeling is: Don’t make rash decisions about going to the administration without first considering consequences to the caucus,” a Democratic insider reportedly said.

The source said Democrats believe their majority is “razor-thin.”

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill denied she was behind such an effort.

“This is completely false,” Hammill said. “The Speaker wants the full contribution of House Democrats to the Biden-Harris mandate and to the future represented in the Administration.”

Late last week, Pelosi, in a stunningly selfish and intentionally totalitarian statement, admitted she has no intention of working toward the direction of compromise with the Republican Party.

During a press conference, Pelosi stated that having a smaller majority in the House will not force her to compromise more and “won’t have that much effect at all” on how she legislates.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said the Republican Party could “control the floor” of the House if only a few Democrats voted against Pelosi’s nomination.

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This is now a reality and real possibility after Republicans have gained several seats in the House on Election Day.

Appearing on Fox News, McCarthy said Pelosi could lose her role if 10 of the 15 Democrats who voted against her bid in January 2019 did so again at the start of next year.

He also warned that “internal fights” in the Democratic Party were emerging after the party failed to build on its House majority despite President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential contest.

“If those 10 vote against her again, she will not be speaker of the House, because she won’t have 218 because of the gains of the Republicans. We are close enough now that we can control the floor with a few Democrats joining with us,” McCarthy said.