Pelosi Joining Cuomo for a Message on Sexual Assault in 2015 Doesn’t Look Good Now

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New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now been accused of sexual harassment by six women and is now facing an impeachment inquiry.

As Cuomo is facing serious calls for his resignation, a tweet from 2015 from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is coming back around to haunt her.

In an image shared to Pelosi’s official Twitter account back in 2015, she is sharing a stage with Cuomo at an event about sexual assault.

“Too many women are sexually assaulted while in college,” a 2015 tweet from Pelosi stated. “Joined @NYGovCuomo to discuss why #EnoughIsEnough!”

Now that the very same Cuomo whom Pelosi was so proud to be sitting next to six years ago is the subject of first one, then two and now three accusations of sexually harassing much younger women, it raises the question of just when “Enough is Enough” when it comes to prominent Democratic politicians.

New York State lawmakers on Thursday opened an impeachment inquiry into Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo after multiple women have accused him of either sexual assault or harassment.

“The reports of accusations concerning the governor are serious,” the Assembly speaker, Carl E. Heastie, a Democrat, said in a statement, adding that the “impeachment investigation” will encompass interviewing witnesses, subpoenaing documents, and evaluating evidence.

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a former candidate for President of the United States, has called for the governor to resign.

The mayor was questioned about what he thought of the allegations against the governor, with whom he has had a rocky history, and what the governor should do.

“The latest report, and the fact that we can talk about how many people have come forward with accusations. It’s not one, it’s not two, it’s not three, it’s not four, it’s not five – it’s six women who have come forward,” the mayor said.

“It’s deeply troubling, the specific allegation that the governor called an employee of his – someone who he had power over – he called them to a place and then sexually assaulted her is absolutely unacceptable. It is disgusting to me,” he said. “He can no longer serve as governor. It’s as simple as that.”

“These six women have come forward with these powerful and painful stories – and particularly this most recent report is just disqualifying. He just can’t serve as governor anymore,” he said.

The sixth woman, a member of the executive chamber staff, was watching the governor’s press conference with others where he denied allegations made by Lindsey Boylan and said that he never inappropriately touched a woman.


The staffer became emotional and when asked why she reportedly told a female supervisor that the governor groped her under her blouse at the Executive Mansion where he called her to do work.

“As I said last week, this is very simple: I never touched anyone inappropriately,” the governor said on Tuesday. “I never made any inappropriate advances … (and) no one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable. Obviously, there are people who said after the fact they felt uncomfortable.”

Even Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called for an investigation into the governor.

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