Prominent Democrats Say They Want Pelosi To Take Republican’s Stimulus Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is playing political games with coronavirus relief stimulus and even her own party is done with it.

Several Democrats have advised Pelosi that they want to accept the Republicans stimulus bill and get funds into the hands of the American workers, Fox Business reported.

It happened after Pelosi rejected The White House’s most recent, and most costly, offer of $1.8 trillion last week.

“Nancy Pelosi take this deal!” former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said in a tweet on Saturday. “Put politics aside people are hurting.”

The Trump administration’s proposal — which came just a few days after the president abruptly called off negotiations before reversing course and pushing for a bipartisan agreement — drew criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, dimming the odds of another round of emergency aid before the Nov. 3 election.

In a weekly letter to Democratic colleagues, Pelosi said the administration’s proposal lacked a “strategic plan to crush the virus” and gave President Trump too much power in determining how the funds were spent.

Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of the progressive podcast “Pod Save America,” said that accepting the proposal could benefit them at the polls.

“While there are potential risks, Democrats should aggressively pursue a COVID Relief deal with Trump. It’s the right thing to do, but the politics can also work in our favor,” he said.

“Taking a politically risky position to help people in desperate need of help is what separates Democrats and Republicans. This may be the last chance to help struggling families until January at the earliest. If Dems can get a good deal, they should.

“One less talked about reason for trying to do a deal now is that it will give President Biden/Democratic Senate a stronger economy from which to govern. If Trump wants to put $2T in stimulus on his tab, it will give the Dems more freedom to govern in 2021,” he said.

Democrat California Rep. Ro Khanna agreed with that and said that people need the stimulus now.

“People in need can’t wait until February. 1.8 trillion is significant & more than twice Obama stimulus. It will allow Biden to start with infrastructure. Obama won in 08 by doing the right thing on TARP instead of what was expedient. Make a deal & put the ball in McConnell court,” he said.

But Pelosi has, thus far, been unmoved. This weekend she gave The White House 48 hours to accept her stimulus proposal.

“The Speaker and Secretary Mnuchin spoke at 7:40 p.m. by phone tonight for just over an hour,” the Speaker’s Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill said on Twitter.

“While there was some encouraging news on testing, there remains work to do to ensure there is a comprehensive testing plan that includes contact tracing and additional measures to address the virus’ disproportionate impact on communities of color.

“There remains an array of additional differences as we go provision by provision that must be addressed in a comprehensive manner in the next 48 hours. Decisions must be made by the White House in order to demonstrate that the Administration is serious about reaching a bipartisan agreement that provides for Americans with the greatest needs during the pandemic,” he said.