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This Could Be Pelosi’s Last Term As Speaker If Elected, Due To 2018 Agreement

Could this be the last term Rep. Nancy Pelosi serves as House Speaker?

Pelosi will likely remain in her leadership position, but it could be her last term, as she agreed with Democrats on a term limit for leadership positions in 2018.

Before Pelosi was re-elected as Speaker in 2018, House Democrats and Pelosi agreed to term limits for the top three Democratic leaders in the House.

At the time, Pelosi agreed that it would stop her from another run at Speaker in 2022, Roll Call reported.

As House Democrats have retained their majority in the House, Pelosi has already asked her Democratic colleagues to support her as Speaker for another term.

“This proposal, which was developed by Members who care about the institution of the House of Representatives, would provide that Members in senior leadership positions can serve 3 terms with an additional term with two-thirds support of the Caucus,” Pelosi said in a statement in 2018, agreeing to her last term as Speaker. “It would include the two terms of the Democratic Majority from 2007 to 2011.”

Democratic Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter, who was reportedly the leader of a group of Democrats who asked Pelosi to agree to the term-limit, said in 2019 that they are no longer asking for the party to make the rules official, Roll Call reported. “We’re just letting it sit right now,” he said.

Pelosi officially launched her bid on Nov. 6 to keep her leadership position in the next Congress.

In a letter to her Democratic colleagues, Pelosi congratulated House Democrats on maintaining a majority in the House and then asked for their support to have her continue to lead the party as Speaker.

Pelosi said she looks forward to working with 2020 president-elect Joe Biden.

If Pelosi does win her re-election bid, will she actually honor her 2018 agreement and not run again in 2022?

Who knows, but some names are already being floated to replace Pelosi in the leadership in 2022.

New York Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is reportedly a leading contender to succeed Pelosi.