Pence Goes After Trump: ‘I Honestly Believe That We’ll Have Better Choices Come 2024’


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Former Vice President Mike Pence took a not-so-subtle shot at former President Donald Trump when asked about his former boss making another presidential run.

During an interview Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends, Pence was asked about Trump announcing a third campaign for the White House on Tuesday night during an event at Mar-a-Lago. The former vice president’s response appeared to be a bit of an attack on Trump.

“It’s a free country, the president is entitled to announce his intentions whenever he desires,” Pence said. “But I honestly believe we’ll have better choices, come 2024.”

Below is a transcript of the exchange, via Grabien:

DOOCY: “Mr. Vice President, so many Republicans had urged the former president, your running mate, wait until after Georgia. Because they want that Senate seat in Republican hands. He did not. Any idea why?”


PENCE: “Well, that’d be a good question for him, Steve. I — I — I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that House Republicans are going to secure a majority. Kevin McCarthy is going to be the next Speaker of the House. And — and I’m anxious to see Herschel Walker, although it won’t be a majority in the Senate, I’m anxious to see Herschel Walker be elected in that special election in Georgia. And I — I think the American people are really focused there. But it’s a free country. The president’s entitled to announce his intentions whenever he desires, but I honestly believe that we’ll have better choices come 2024. You know, I — I don’t think anybody could have —“

DOOCY: “Better choices than Donald Trump?”

PENCE: “I do. I — I don’t think anyone could have beaten Hillary Clinton other than Donald Trump in 2016. I write that in my new book.”

DOOCY: “Mm-hmm.”


PENCE: “I learned that on the campaign trail with him in 2016. And the record that we created that I know he reflected on last night, where we rebuild our military, revived our economy, secured our border, appointed conservatives to our courts at every level, is something that I’ll always be proud of. But as I’ve traveled around the country, over the last two years, people have repeatedly come up to me and said, you know, we want to get back to the policies of the Trump-Pence administration. But I think there’s a genuine desire for leadership that could unite the country around our highest ideals, and — and leadership that would reflect I think, more of the civility and respect that Americans show each other every day. You know, I — I’m out of politics now, and once you — once you get out of politics, and we move back to Indiana is — you realize the American people actually get along pretty well most days, and it’s our politics that’s deeply divided. I just think — I think I have a sense the American people want to — want a new style of leadership that’ll — that’ll reflect the way they deal with one another every day.”


Trump announced on Tuesday night that he will be running for president in 2024.

The 45th president also filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, ending months of rumors and speculation that he would make a third run for the White House.

“My fellow citizens, America’s comeback starts right now. In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump told a cheering crowd at Mar-a-Lago, adding that he would “fight like no one has ever fought before.”

“Our country could not take four more years,” he said. “They can only take so much. I am running because I believe the world has not yet seen the true glory of what this nation can be. We have not reached that pinnacle, believe it or not.”

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