Pence Drops Huge Surprise – He’s Going For It

Vice President Mike Pence, the former Governor of Indiana, has given a big hint about his political future and it involves the presidency.

The vice president made a campaign stop in Holland, Michigan on Wednesday and gave the crowd something to cheer about.

He also gave political pundits nationwide something to speculate about as it pertains to life in America after President Donald Trump.

Pence was on the stump campaigning for another four years of economic growth under the leadership of the 45th President of the United States.

But in that speech, he also gave a clue as to what happens after that, and all signs point to a Pence presidency if you read his speech closely.

“On one promise after another, President Donald Trump delivered. And thanks to the president’s leadership and our strong conservative allies in Congress, like Congressman Tom Emmer, Congressman Jim Hagedorn, Congressman Pete Stauber, we’ve made America great again. It’s true.

“But to keep America great, we need you to decide right here and right now that Minnesota is going to vote for four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House,” the vice president said.

And then came the part that sounded like he has his own plans to take himself and his family into the White House in 2024.

“Because four more years means more jobs. Four more years means more judges. Four more years means more support for our troops. And it’s going to take at least four more years to drain that swamp,” he said.

Did you catch that important part? He said “at least” four more years. But what happens after that? Apparently, he is saying we are going to need more time to continue to fix what President Trump has started fixing.

It is a monumental task that the president has taken on and Vice President Pence is there with him every step of the way.

It would be a wise idea for hose who support President Trump and the conservative agenda to support a Pence presidency.

Yes, four more years of President  Trump is fantastic, but eight – 12 more years of Republicans in the White House could mean an entire Republican crafted Supreme Court and with that the end of the nightmare known as Roe V Wade.

As Pence said in his speech “The choice in this election couldn’t be clearer, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Today we have a president who loves this country, who stands by our military, our law enforcement, our workers, and our freedoms. He never quits. He never backs down. He believes in you, and he fights for you every single day.

“And that’s more can you can say for those do-nothing Democrats in Washington DC. I mean, the truth is the Democratic Party has been taken over by radical leftists who want higher taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, and socialist policies that would crush our economy. “

He is spot on. And the stakes do not get any less important in 2024.