Pentagon On Lockdown After ‘Shooting Incident’


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The Pentagon is on lockdown with no personnel is being allowed outside after a “shooting incident” that took place on a bus platform, a message sent by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

The shooting occurred outside of the building on the Metro Bus platform that is used by the thousands by Pentagon workers daily, CNN reported.

“Right now, we’ve just confirmed that the Pentagon is on lockdown. There is an incident at the Pentagon transit center,” Chris Layman, a spokesman for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, said, describing the incident as “ongoing.”

Layman would not comment on if there was a shooter involved or if people had been injured.

Arlington Fire and EMS tweeted they “did encounter multiple patients,” while responding to an “active violence incident” in the area of the Pentagon Metro. The status of the patients was not immediately provided.

“BREAKING: Pentagon Police Force says there is a shooting outside – at the Metro/bus entrance. Emergency announcement: ‘all personnel stay inside. Due to police activity outside, all personnel remain outside,’” CBS reporter Mary Walsh said on Twitter.


The Associated Press reported.

The Arlington County Fire Department reported “multiple patients,” but it wasn’t immediately clear if they had been shot or the extent of the injuries.

The incident occurred on a Metro bus platform that is part of the Pentagon Transit Center, the Pentagon Protection Force Protection Agency tweeted. The facility is just steps from the Pentagon building, which is in Arlington County, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.

An Associated Press reporter near the building heard multiple gunshots, then a pause, then at least one additional shot.

Another AP journalist heard police yelling “shooter.”

A Pentagon announcement said the facility was on lockdown due to “police activity.”

Metro subway trains were ordered to bypass the Pentagon due to a police investigation.

“The Pentagon currently is on lock down due to an incident at the Pentagon Transit Center. We are asking the public to please avoid the area. More information will be forthcoming,” the Pentagon Force Protection Agency tweeted.

“PFPA official tells me that the shooter was shot by a Pentagon police officer and did not get inside the building. One other officer was injured and transported to get medical attention. The scene is now secure but everyone is to remain inside the building for now,” Politico Pentagon reporter Lara Seligman said.


“Official stresses the scene is still fluid and that some information may change,” she said.

“BREAKING UPDATE: @FOX2now reports that multiple people are injured including a member of law enforcement, following a lockdown at the Pentagon due to reports of a shooting,” reporter Moshe Schwartz said.

“Scene is still active, ACFD did encounter multiple patients. NFI on patient status will be provided,” Arlington Fire & EMS said.


“UPDATE: Pentagon metro Shooting • Gunshots by bus platform • Pentagon on Lockdown • Active shooter reported • “At least one person down” (AP) Developing…,” reporter Joyce Karam tweeted.

“The Pentagon is locked down w/ no personnel allowed outside due to a “shooting event” according to the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, @barbarastarrcnn reports. The event occurred outside the building at the Metro Bus platform, used by thousands of Pentagon personnel everyday,” CNN national security correspondent Kylie Atwood said on Twitter.

“Arlington Fire & EMS tweeted that they encountered multiple patients at the scene. There was no word on their conditions,” Fox 5 DC reported.

“The incident was reported around 1030 a.m. Metro officials say they are diverting buses to Pentagon City and trains are bypassing Pentagon Station at this time,” it said.

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