Pete Hegseth Returns To Twitter After Accidently Deleting Tweet That Violated Rules

Seems like Fox News stars and personalities are in the news every single week — for both good and bad reasons — regarding something happening. 

Several hosts and guests continue to attack President Donald Trump and a few top figures have already left the network in recent months.

But something even more bizarre happened to Fox News contributor and host Pete Hegseth.

Hegseth was suspended from Twitter in December after he supposedly violated the social media platform’s policies by posting a copy of a manifesto attributed to the Islamist terrorist who opened fire at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, on Dec. 6 in an attack that killed three sailors and injured eight others.

After Twitter flagged the post and suspended his account, Hegseth refused to delete the tweet.

He said he would not bow down to liberals and remove his tweet — even if it meant that was the only way to get his account back.

After being gone for a few months, Hegseth returned to Twitter — but apparently not the way he wanted to.

Hegseth returned to the platform after the tweet in question was deleted in what he described as a “sincere accident” on his part, the Washington Examiner reported.

After Saudi national Mohammed Alshamrani, who was enrolled in a pilot training program at Pensacola, attacked the naval base, Hegseth posted a copy of the terrorists’ manifesto that described his Islamist motivations for the attack.

Twitter essentially told Hegseth he would be locked out of his account unless he deleted the post, which the platform claimed was in violation of its “terrorism and violent extremism policy.”

One can certainly see the irony that Hegseth — a former U.S. Army veteran who served our nation — got in trouble for seeking to expose the violent ideology of the murderous terrorist.

Claiming he was “fighting for free speech,” Hegseth refused to delete the post and was suspended.

Last week, Hegseth returned to Twitter and said in a statement that his account was suddenly unlocked after he had clicked the “remove” button on the offending post to see what would happen.

“Two months ago I was blocked from Twitter for exposing the words of an Islamist terrorist. Twitter deleted my tweet, and demanded I admit that I did something wrong. I refused. I will never, ever apologize or bow to Leftist tech tyrants like Twitter,” he said.

Hegseth’s story seems more than plausible.

He refused for two months to delete the tweet because he said he was taking a stand for free speech.

But when he checked Twitter to see if his account was still locked, he got a one-step “deletion” notification that enabled him instant access back to his account after he clicked it.

With all of this considered, Hegseth himself admitted that his return to Twitter may only last for a limited time given he’s promising to take on controversial topics that may get him back in trouble with the platform.

Nonetheless, he’s a big name and has done a spectacular job supporting the president on Fox News for years.

Many are thrilled to have him back on Twitter, especially given his penchant for calling out liberals.

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