Piers Morgan Obliterates Joe Biden’s First Year In Office: ‘You’ve Been A Disaster’


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British television host Piers Morgan eviscerated Joe Biden this week for his disastrous first year in office.

In an op-ed for the New York Post, Morgan ripped Biden for “spectacularly” failing to honor promises he made during his inaugural address in 2020.

Morgan said Biden has been nothing short of a “disaster” and warned that Democrats could face a massive electoral defeat in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

“Dear Joe, Happy Anniversary,” Morgan began. “Can we get a divorce? I don’t like to sugar-coat things, so let me be blunt: You’ve been a disaster.”


“In fact,” Morgan continued, “it’s hard to think of a more insipid, less inspiring, fiasco-ridden opening 12 months to a presidency.”

“You were going to reunite a bitterly fractured country by ending ‘the anger and harsh rhetoric,’ remember? You’ve failed,” Morgan said, pointing to multiple speeches where Biden scolded Americans and went after his political critics.

“You were going to ‘defeat’ COVID, remember? You’ve failed,” Morgan continued, pointing out that more Americans have died during Biden’s tenure than under Trump’s, that the Omicron variant is surging across the country, that the Biden administration’s plan to expand testing has failed because of a testing shortage, and that Biden has “still only persuaded 63% of US citizens to be vaccinated.”

“You were going to fix the economy, remember?” he asked.


“You were going to lean on your many decades as a senator to bring bipartisan deal-making back to DC, remember?” Morgan asked rhetorically again. “You’ve failed. In fact, you can’t even persuade two of your own Democrat senators to agree with you about key policies, never mind the Republicans.”

“Mr. President, you keep saying you want to ‘Build Back Better!’ but America’s now in a worse position than it was before you were elected — ravaged by the virus, a battered economy, rising violent crime, and deteriorating border issues,” Morgan continued. “People feel poorer, sicker, and less safe.”

“That’s why your approval ratings are tanking so badly, why the Democrats are heading for [a Congressional] wipeout in the November midterms, and why Trump has a legitimate reason to think he can beat you in 2024 to reclaim the presidency he so wrongly claims was stolen from him.”


Morgan wrote Biden has “singularly failed to provide a convincing answer.”

“You exuded great hope a year ago, but that’s been wrecked by dithering, blathering, blundering reality,” Morgan concluded.

“Wake up, Joe, or you’re going to sleep-walk into the next election lamer than any lame-duck president ever, and the disgruntled American people will be voting for a divorce — and quite possibly getting back with their ex.”

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