Pirro Warns Joe Biden: ‘Lawlessness In This Country Is Worse Than Ever’


OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro has issued a warning to Joe Biden and Democrats that lawlessness is out of control and voters will send them packing in the 2022 midterm elections.

“How would you feel if your daughter, sister, or mother were raped on a train over the course of 27 stops for 40 minutes while other train passengers and there were many, picked up their phones, not to call the police, not to call 911, but to videotape the act being perpetrated in front of them,” Pirro said.

“No one interfered. No one yelled stop, no one tried to end the horror inflicted on his innocent helpless woman. Instead, they chose to take out their phones and videotape the maddening violence in front of them,” she said.

“So far no one has volunteered the video to police. It was for entertainment purposes. We used to say if you see something, say something. Today it’s see something, say nothing. This is a reflection of how our society has disintegrated,” she added.


“A culture that has no feeling for the victim of crime. Then this could never happen to me attitude is adopted so people could feel they are immune. So they only see it through the lens of entertainment. The rapist had been ordered deported. But an appellate immigration judge protected him in spite of his convictions for drugs and sex abuse,” she said.

“In the end, a woman was forced to you suffer because the judge determined the person was allowed to live in America. Lawlessness in this country is worse than ever. What’s different, however, is the sense of permission the criminals have. That they are allowed to vent, to steal, to loot. After all, businesses have insurance,” Pirro declared.


“So we let them steal with no consequence, no a-quest, no convictions, no jail time. We’ll let them burn down neighborhoods and businesses because they want social justice,” she added.

“As if the destruction of property and lives brings them anything. It only hurts victims. Murder has spiked in major Democrat-run cities across this country. Las Vegas, 71%. Children going to buy candy are shot at,” she said.

“A one-year-old sitting in a stroller shot and killed. Children in their own homes, their own beds, a place they have the right to be are shot and killed by criminals who don’t deserve to breathe the same air we do,” she added.


“And a 4-year-old girl shot on her way to a toy store in times square. In cities across America police are being handcuffed, defunded, demoralized, and told to stand down. Ordered not to arrest,” Pirro said, rounding out her comments.

“If they do, the swinging door of no bail lets the criminal out to re-offend. Prosecutors funded by George Soros are all over this country. They do not take the mantel of victims. They spend their time refusing to prosecute crime and release criminals from prison,” she said.

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