Tucker Carlson Makes Plea To Biden ‘Stop This’


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has appealed to an unlikely source to stop the persecution and prosecution of former President Donald Trump. During his Tuesday night show, Carlson beseeched upon President Joe Biden to step in and stop the investigations and potential indictments.

“Another day of rumors and thinly sourced news stories. What’s new? These are about when and where Donald Trump will be arrested, fingerprinted, and photographed against a cinder block wall for his mug shot. How much of this is true? Once again, we cannot say,” the host said.

“Here’s what we know. A Soros-funded prosecutor in New York, a man who ran on the promise to indict Trump, seems to be working hard to indict Trump and get him for a crime that no one even pretends is a crime, including the federal agency that has already investigated and declared it on a crime,” he said.

“So, in Manhattan tomorrow, what will certainly be an overwhelmingly liberal grand jury will meet and unless something unexpected happens, Democrats will have taken the unprecedented step of using a corrupt justice system to take out the frontrunner in the Republican presidential field in a presidential race and if that happens, America will never be the same,” he said before imploring Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland to step in.


“You’ve got to hope that for the sake of the country, the Biden White House, which will be running against Trump, will put the country above partisanship and stop this, that Merrick Garland at DOJ will issue a very public statement saying that this is wrong, which it is, and therefore preserve for our grandchildren our justice system,” he said.

But Carlson said it was not merely Trump who was in the crosshairs, but average Trump-supporting Americans.


“As of tonight, it doesn’t seem to be happening. In fact, as of tonight, it’s not just Trump who is the target of this. It’s Trump’s voters. The Biden administration is in the process of preparing yet another law enforcement dragnet of more than a thousand nonviolent January 6 protesters. These are not people who broke windows or tussled with cops. These are patriotic Americans who questioned, who dared to question, the official story of the 2020 election. They watched with the rest of us as COVID was used as a pretext to eliminate long-standing barriers to voter fraud,” he said.

He went on to tell the story of Jacob Chansley, who he said was peaceful in the Capitol as he showed videos of him walking with Capitol police and saying a prayer thanking God for the police allowing them into the building.

“The Biden administration has identified a thousand additional Trump voters for non-crimes that they claim took place on January 6, mostly walking as Jacob Chansley did. In recent months, according to a story in The Washington Post, U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, a willing tool of the Biden administration, has written to court officials “alerting them that an additional 700 to 1,200 people may be charged stemming from January 6.” How many is that? Well, this will constitute the largest investigation in the history of the Department of Justice by an order of magnitude. This dragnet is so vast that prosecutors are warning D.C. jails and prisons will be overrun with prisoners, prisoners you can at this point only describe as political prisoners,” he said.

“Democrats raise money for your bail when you commit violent crimes. So, they’ve forced taxpayers to give you money after the fact. Hard to believe that’s happening, but it is. The city of Philadelphia just agreed to pay nearly $10 million to hundreds of people who say they were, ‘injured in the police response to the BLM riots of 2020.’ Now, none of the businesses in Philadelphia that were burned get money, of course. They don’t have rights. They’re small businesses. They may vote the wrong way. Obama’s DHS secretary is happy with that. In fact, he says anyone who supported the January 6 protesters in any way, even if they never stepped foot in the Capitol building, must be rounded up and charged with insurrection,” he said.

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