Former President Bush Will Not Back Trump, Report

The old guard of the Republican Party will simply not move on and realize that President Donald Trump is the new face of the party.

The establishment is desperate to hang on to their power and control and they are willing to help the Democrats win in order to do it.

Former President George W. Bush, a man revered by many in the Republican Party, is among some prominent Republicans who will not be supporting the campaign of President Trump for election in November, The New York Times reported.

Former President George W. Bush won’t support the re-election of Mr. Trump, and Jeb Bush isn’t sure how he’ll vote, say people familiar with their thinking. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah won’t back Mr. Trump and is deliberating whether to again write in his wife, Ann, or cast another ballot this November. And Cindy McCain, the widow of Senator John McCain, is almost certain to support Mr. Biden but is unsure how public to be about it because one of her sons is eying a run for office.

The president himself has taken aim at former President Bush recently, mot notably when he gave his opinion about the ongoing George Floyd protests.

“Oh bye [sic] the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside,” he said on Twitter. “He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!”

And one Republican senator is far more concerned about his own job than he is for the nation and the presidency.

Indeed, one Republican senator, who is publicly supporting the president, said in an interview that he might prefer a Biden victory if the G.O.P. managed to preserve its Senate majority. This lawmaker, like a number of Republicans, is uneasy with Mr. Trump’s behavior and weary from the near-weekly barrage of questions from reporters about the latest presidential eruption.

Another voice among the group of anti-Trump Republicans is, as he was during his tenure in the Senate, former Sen. Jeff Flake.

“For people who were long waiting for that pivot, the last week has shown, if anything, he’s dug in and not even making an attempt to appeal to anybody outside his hard base,” he said as he is expected to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.

Former Representative Mark Sanford who attempted to challenge the president for the Party’s nomination had said he would endorse the president if he won the primary.

The president won the Republican nomination in a landslide and now Sanford appears to be reneging on his promise.

“He’s treading on very thin ice,” the former representative and former South Carolina governor said as he, and other Republicans, are deciding how to proceed with the election.

The Lincoln Foundation, which includes George Conway, the husband of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway, is another group of Republicans fighting against President Trump.

It is important to note that President Trump won the 2016 presidential election with many establishment Republicans not endorsing him and it is likely that they are overestimating what their endorsements mean to American citizens.

Joe Biden is as establishment as it gets which is why the establishment would support him. It is not about what is in the best interests of the nation, it is about what is in their best interests.

President trump has proven that he does not need them or their support before and he is likely to prove it again this November.

As chaos and anarchy have reigned in cities across the nation, these establishment Republicans were nowhere to be found. That tells you where their minds are.