Police Blame Top Democrat For Woman’s Murder

New York City has become a safe haven for criminals and the dregs of society that terrorize its citizens thanks to its Mayor Bill De Blasio.

The city passed a bail reform law that allows those who do not have enough money to get out of jail free with no bail while they are awaiting trial.

This has led to one man being let out of jail after assaulting his grandmother and another man being let out after punching a police officer.

And several people were let out of jail with no bail after a string of anti-Semitic attacks in and around the city.

But there is another issue that is plaguing the streets of New York City. The fact that its mayor has made it a safe haven for illegal aliens by declaring it a sanctuary city.

The New York City Sergeants Benevolent Association, a union that represents retired police sergeants, is blaming the mayor for the murder of a 92-year-old woman.

Maria Fuentes, was murdered, after being raped, by an illegal alien, Reeaz Khan, who was arrested in November 2019 but was let out of jail and never reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement per the city’s sanctuary policy.

The SBA contends that Fuentes would be alive today if the city had respected the ICE detainer that was on Khan.

“At what point DO YOU take responsibility for a 92 year old woman raped and murdered. If you complied with ICE Detainers she would still be alive. You try to deflect the issue by turning it into exploitation, the FACT is her death is on YOU,” it said.

SBA Vice President Vincent Vallelong stood with acting ICE Director Matthew Albence at a news conference on Friday where they railed against the city’s policy.

“I can guarantee you every single of our members want to help them out. Unfortunately, the way our policies are set up, they don’t allow us to,” Vallelong said.

Khan, a Guyanese national and illegal alien was arrested after he assaulted his own dad in November and ICE immediately placed a detainer on him.

But, as New York City law enforcement is all but forbidden to cooperate with ICE, he was let free without being handed over to the agency.

“The Sergeants Benevolent Association of the NYPD supports all ICE Agents and will not leave any agent without assistance or in any position to jeopardize their safety. Regardless of Mayor DeBlasio beliefs and policies,” the SBA tweeted on Monday.

De Blasio responded by calling ICE a “morally bankrupt organization that tears families apart and puts innocent children in cages has ZERO right to tell us how to keep our city safe.”

Someone should May Big Bird, because you have no idea.